A Correction

Hi folks,

I screwed up in my last post (What Happened to Allan, Part Two): The second Imbedded  video down from the top should not have been the Sibel Edmonds/Rosebud video! Ahhh! Bad, bad, bad! It should have been the pizzagate video from Marty Leeds (whom I deal with later in the post). This one:

YouTube Preview Image

This was an especially bad mistake because Sibel Edmonds refuses to deal with pizzagate or its implications; the only excuse for this, IMO, is that she (like her cohort James Corbett) is a government shill.

I’ve corrected the error — now Leeds’s video is linked via the line:

‘Assuming you, kind reader, have looked into the evidence behind pizzagate, with MM’s denial of it you should now understand how important it really is (the best summation I’ve come across):’

Keep in mind that my recommendation of Leeds’s pizzagate video is laden with irony since I’m sure he is likewise working to deceive you, via classic NLP. While we’re here, maybe see if you can detect the bullshit in his popular video Flat Earth video (t has over half a million views):

YouTube Preview Image

I’ll cover why this video is deceptive in my next post.

Thanks for all your feedback. Please hang in for my next post, which will deal with the importance of the ‘Flat Earth Movement,’ which has implications you may not have realized…