A Flat Earth Round Table

Hi folks,

I just finished Greg Carlwood’s (thehighersidechats.com) recent interview with the Web persona known as Crrow777 and thought to launch my Flat Earth blog with this interview as inspiration. I’ve noticed that over about the last year or two an exponential increase in web ‘personalities’ that proclaim that everything is faked/an illusion. I don’t mean in some existential/philosophical sense (although there is plenty of that crapola going around too) – the nature of reality, etc. – but rather faked like a magician doing tricks – in other words, a mega, or meta, version of stagecraft. Crrow777 is one of these types. (Miles Mathis, whom I will cover in depth soon, is certainly one of these.) Crrow777 is also one of many ‘science truthers’ who have materialized (so to speak), seemingly out of nowhere. Not actual… science, in the real, in the good, critical thinking, empirical sense. (And I don’t mean ‘good’ as in the Gatekeepers/main stream/deGrasse Tyson kind of science either!) Crrow777 talks a lot of science but it’s a muffled kind of talk, his head being so far up his ass.

Most of the imagery will be 'previews' from Part Two

Most of the imagery today will be ‘previews’ from Part Two

Crrow777 has an interesting M.O. though. He’s a photographer/videographer and amateur astronomer who points his cameras at the sky then tells us what we’re seeing on his Youtube channel. (He does more than that but this is his stratagem, his hook. His imposture.) In 2012, Crrow777 saw and filmed the first lunar wave, and he was off to the Web races.

As the interview went on, I picked up on Crrow777’s NLP skills, how he mixes truths with bullshit or flat nonsense (which is impossible to counter), with the agenda of getting you to think that the world as we know it is a trick perpetrated by the PTB; ‘we live in a construct’ is his way of putting it. This in itself is a partially truth-laden statement, but Crrow777’s gig is to take it to the point wherein nothing can really be known. He is also an important ‘truther demographic’ – represented by his position on FE, which is best described as a sort of ‘profound doubt’; he just doesn’t know.

This in itself is a tell. I mean, given his many years of research and thousands of hours of telescope time (he claims), if Crrow777 can’t figure out the shape of whatever it is he’s standing on, what hope is there for us intellectual peons? And indeed, as we’ll see, the actual agenda behind the FE meme itself has nothing to do with the shape of earth.

Addendum: There of course is nothing wrong with ‘doubt’ and ‘not knowing’ something; quite the contrary. However, when a meme with profound philosophical and practical implications seems to come out of nowhere, it’s best to be on guard. And as you’ll see if you hang in, Crrow777 (plus his lunar wave) is no accident.

Hold on. Lemme take a different tack here. We’ll come back to Crrow777 and the flat earth meme and why it’s important but let’s first imagine how the idea of the alt media (including Crrow777) came into being. Let’s play a game I call Round Table.

___bal havana skyline from 15 miles

I know, you’ve seen this one, and the next, but they’re good at showing the curve…

Imagine that the PTB have gotten together — doesn’t matter exactly how many, but say a dozen or so representatives — these are the bastards that run things. I play Round Table whenever I’m stuck in some aspect of HTWRW (how it really works). Remember, the PTB are Those from whom no knowledge is kept, and that their agenda, at least for now, is increasing their power over the rest of us (as usual, I simplify), mainly through the use of deception and misdirection, frequently in the guise of limited hangout, i.e., the ‘revelation’ of partial truths that appear to damage the PTB.

As we all know, reps of the PTB do get together in various semi-public ways, the best examples being the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, and of course, Bilderberg, plus Bohemian Grove. (That the existence of the Bilderberg meetings were for so many years a ‘conspiracy theory’ tells us that this is an important one.) If we discount the ‘outer ring’ of the CFR (which has several thousand members), and given overlapping memberships, we’re talking about a two or three hundred person total; of these, imagine the dozen or so who actually make the final decisions – as I’ve said elsewhere, though, the real top dogs may not even attend the public meets. (Again, we’ll forgo most of the in-fighting/factionalization for now.)

A blow up, the question to FEers being, Where's the beach?

A blow up, the question to FEers being, Where’s the beach?

We’ll assume these are the real PTB: those who are not compartmentalized about anything. (All important power hierarchies operate on a need to know basis, which eliminates most of the membership of all these groups. Surely no one would argue this point.)

An example, back when I wasn’t sure how 9/11 was physically pulled off: I played Round Table and included in the meet physicists and aeronautical experts and engineers as trusted, though compartmentalized, experts. One question quickly came up: ‘What happens when a plastic and aluminum aircraft hits a steel faćade skyscraper?’ (The WTC towers had load-bearing, heavy-gage steel columns on the outside perimeter, an unusual feature.)

The answer, from the mechanical engineering/physicists/aeronautical experts, was unanimous: ‘The aircraft will crumple upon impact, with most of the wreckage falling to the street, and a few shattered parts and maybe one of the engines making it through the thick steel façade.’

The first of three, this is from 4 feet above sea level.

The first of three, this is from 4 feet above sea level.

‘So we can’t use real airplanes?’ This was a bankster, whose ability to make ‘money’ appear where before there was none, had left him bereft of any understanding of the laws of physics – hence the interrogative rather than declarative phrasing. (Given all the fuck ups guaranteed to occur with four actual hijackings, I don’t believe this question was ever really asked, but bear with me…)

A demolitions expert: ‘No, but we plant cutter charges to make airplane-shaped holes in the façade.’

‘What about witnesses?’ The lack of insight behind the bankster’s follow up was apparent to all. In fact, the most important member of the PTB – the top mainstream media (MSM) rep – laughed aloud at the naivety of his colleague’s query. As if to a child: ‘All that matters, all that ever matters, is what happens on television.’ The media rep was the ‘operational’ force behind How the World Appears To Work (HTWATW) and was referred to as The Matrix Guy, or MG, usually ‘Mig.’ (Ever since the Jekyll Island/Federal Reserve meeting in 1913, real names were avoided at secret meets.)

This is a blow up of the previous one.

This is a blow up of the previous one. You can’t see any of the hull because it’s under the horizon.

‘Leave the visuals to my boys,’ MG’s aide added: ‘A few seconds of hologram imagery plus planted ‘witnesses’ is all we need.’


‘The Doc,’ the last ‘surviving’ (still in his original body) member of Operation Paperclip – chronologically, The Doc was now 97 years old – and the inspiration for the title character in Kubrick’s Doctor Strangelove – pipes up impatiently, ‘Yesss, yesss, veee tell zem vat zey see!’ Raising his left buttock slightly, The Doc passes some silent wind, adding, ‘Vee dun need no holograms!’

Privately, no one of the media contingent thought hologram imagery necessary – no potential witnesses would want to admit to have ‘missed’ seeing ‘what happened,’ especially after ‘seeing’ it on the tube a few hundred times and listening to the plants. One key to this was to immediately start a controversy about what kind of planes had hit the buildings; this was Misdirection 101.

This one was about 1 minute after the first two. Notice we can see more of the ship?

This one was about 1 minute after the first two. Notice we can see more of the ship?

It was during the 9/11 Round Table that the now-tiresome in-joke, ‘If we can not put a man on the moon, we can not (fill in the blank)’ was first cracked, with ‘use any airplanes’ in the initial version.

(I have a couple videos on Youtube for those who are curious about how poor a job the media did in faking the crash of ‘Flight 175’ into the South Tower. One is very short, less than 30 seconds. This is a more detailed version. Also see Simon Shack’s vid, September Clues.)

The Round Table I’ll propose here ‘takes place’ about two years ago. The subject, as it usually is with Round Table meetings, is how to deceive the public, us Useless Eaters (UEs, pronounced ‘yous’) about… well, you name it. Here it relates to NASA and the U.S. ‘space program.’

For the previous pic I was standing on the roof of the RV.

For the previous pic I was standing on the roof of the RV.

As lead in, MG’s sidekick reads the abstract of a report on the percentage of the population that has figured out that the NASA ‘space program’ is utterly fraudulent, how the ‘nutcase factor’ – those that have always known that Apollo was faked – is now overflowing almost into the mainstream. He mentions the Aulis.com article by a Russian physicist that proves beyond doubt that the images from Apollo were filmed on a sound stage using front screen projection and…..

This being old news, he’s interrupted, told to get on with it, with MG getting to the point: ‘The percentage of the populace aware of the pranks (the common PTB euphemism) behind NASA’s…‘missions’ is on the verge of critical mass. The ‘Tube numbers’ (referring to the number of videos on Youtube) on ‘NASA frauds’ and the like are close to a million and growing exponentially.’

Here MG pauses, scanning the table, and says, ‘Gentlemen… and… (gesturing vaguely at the sex slave clones lounging around), we need a new op, a way to discredit the types who are flooding the tube (‘the tube’ now referred to Youtube rather than broadcast/cable ‘television’) with videos like…’ He gestures to his aide. ‘Like this one.’ A video is played, mostly clips of astronauts contradicting each other in ways that directly imply that none of them have been in space, or anywhere near it.

‘There’s also been some outright sloppy work downstairs (his aide fidgets).’ Wanting to rub it in, he shows a montage of mistakes from NASA’s CGI department, including bubbles rising from space suits, a SCUBA diver in the background (exterior ‘space walks’ are usually done in swimming pools), and even a mouse down in the corner of a Mars ‘landscape (see photo).’ The latter gets a laugh all around, causing the aide to blush crimson.

Either a mouse on Mars or... you decide.

Either a mouse on Mars or… you decide.

One of the boys, a dapper Brit known as ‘Rip,’ is smiling inwardly, being the personage behind the various NASA ‘mistakes,’ plus the blatant media anomalies in the reportage of events such as Sandy Hook, the Boston bombing, the various ‘shootings’ (worldwide), etc., etc.: all the giveaways that anyone paying attention would pick up on that show that no world event – even those that in some sense ‘happened’ — is reported even remotely accurately. Unbeknownst to his colleagues, Rip’s agenda is one of total UE mindlessness, i.e., the immediate and total belief in literally everything they are told, with no hesitation and, just as importantly, with no exceptions, the latter being the sin qua non of ‘the moment’ Rip liked to think of as The Singularity. (Rip’s Tavistock crew beat the Trans-humanists in the use of the term; in fact a ‘theft of concept’ lawsuit was (very briefly) contemplated.)

The PTB were more than capable of concocting believable ‘events,’ be they false flag or completely staged. With the blatant anomalies – and notwithstanding the complaints of the MSM comparts — Rip and his crew were eaaasing the UEs into mindlessness. With the new op unveiled today, they were now getting serious about it.

Where is he now?

Where is he now?

The astronomy/cosmology expert – Neil deGrasse Tyson, who of course was ignorant of Rip’s agenda – reminded them that he had always agreed with his predecessor – the ‘late’ Carl Sagan (now ‘housed’ on a thumb drive that hadn’t been plugged in since the 1990s) – that omitting the star field back ground in its space imagery was a mistake, and that NASA is now paying the price for that laziness. ‘Correctly oriented star fields could have been…’

‘Moving on…’ This was MG, not known for his patience with whiners, especially over-blown ‘comparts’ (compartmentalized ‘experts’). ‘Given the stakes, this issue demands top priority.’ Indeed, to all but Rip the ‘space travel’ issue was considered the Achilles Heel of the Media Matrix. The reason for this is best summed up by ‘The Wright Brothers Conundrum,’ which simply put goes like this: The time between the Wright Brothers’ first flight and the (faked) moon landings is about the same as between the (faked) moon landings and the present. The Round Table point is that any conscious being should notice that the Advancement Curve in space exploration, which should be exponential (some version of Moore’s Law) — is actually flat, i.e., there has been no advancement, even factoring in the various frauds — the ISS, the Mars Rovers, and the various ‘deep space probes.’ As MG liked to put it: Imagine you had a son who stopped growing, physically and every other way, at age six. Eventually you’d notice that something is… wrong — mightn’t you get suspicious of the family doctor who, twenty years later, still says, ‘Give him time…’ NASA and mainstream science being the ‘family doctor’ in the metaphor, a bold new direction, or, rather, ‘misdirection’ was needed.

Addendum: If you don’t think something needs desperate covering up by the PTB, try the following comparison: We’re told that about 50 years ago human explorers and scientists journeyed to the moon, which is a quarter million miles away, though on most days/nights is in plain sight. Since then (again, 50 years later) by ‘their’ own admission, explorers and scientists haven’t even gone 300 miles from earth. Keep this in mind; it is ‘reality.’ 

In 1804-06, Lewis and Clark, likewise on a mission of exploration and science, reached the Pacific Ocean by land, (supposedly) the first white men to do so. Imagine that 50 years later, no one had followed: No mountain men, no homesteaders, no gold-seekers, no buffalo hunters, no other explorers/scientists, nobody. In fact, imagine that over all those years, no one even crossed the Mississippi River to the west bank.  

Imagine no one followed....

Imagine no one followed….

If you’re thinking that the above comparison is invalid – because, say, the Lewis and Clark journey was so different from space travel – then I would submit that you’re a victim of a very, very powerful means of mind control.

If enough people see the above comparison for the ‘truth’ that it is, the whole PTB house of cards comes tumbling down.

Another way for the house of cards to come tumbling down is for someone (maybe me) to prove that the Flat Earth psy op is just that, another mind control project. To do this, I’ll need to prove that they earth really isn’t flat, and in a way that anyone can reproduce. I will also have to prove that it is not possible that those promoting FE are doing so out of ignorance.

If you hang in, I will do these things (in Part Two). We’ll have to wait and see if the house of cards comes tumbling down.

And indeed, headlines like the following were even popping up in the Mainstream:

Think Space Exploration Isn’t Moving Fast Enough? You’re Not Alone.

What only Rip and his crew knew was that all was going exactly as planned – his ‘space program’ solution would be voiced by MG, and was in fact the secret lead-in to The Singularity. It was to be the penultimate ‘prank.’

‘Back on point, gentlemen.’ MG was getting impatient, eyeing the Madonna (at age 18) clone he had possession of that week and who was decked out in her 2012 Superbowl Luciferian costume and was wiggling her extended index and pinkie fingers at him suggestively from the couch under the wall-to-wall tele-monitor.

By the way, here’s some clone humor that’s going around: One of the ‘public’ Madonnas had taken to using a DNA clean up crew in her travels, hoping to prevent still more versions of ‘herself’ from being run off. This was a great source of amusement to the tech guys, since the DNA of any Madonna is identical to the original (or any other copies) and can be ‘popped into the petri,’ as the more jovial techies liked to put it.

More clone-related humor: In a statistically inevitable fuck up, two Madonnas had mistakenly shown up at the same Grammy Awards show; in the ensuing cat fight, and with no instant replay to sort things out, the two got physically ‘mixed up.’ Given the never let a good crisis go to waste PTB credo, a movie deal is in the works, a screwball comedy, rumor has it.

Yup, they did it 20 years ago...

Yup, Dolly, and they did it 20 years ago…

(If you think the above scenario absurd, keep in mind that a sheep was admittedly cloned some 20 years ago. If you don’t think those randy tech boys dove quickly into something like the above: Whaddyare ya, nuts?)

You don't think they were thinking along these lines?

As soon as Dolly popped out, you don’t think they were fantasizing along these lines?

‘The op we have in mind is heavy on meat-pups (short for ‘meat puppets, or human, as opposed to cyber-generated, Web-agents) so all of you are expected to pitch in with resources…’ A pause for effect….

‘Gentlemen, we are bringing back Flat Earth.’

There is an astonished rumble from the Table. Only Rip maintains a poker face, the op being his concept to begin with. The rest of the boys are either startled or confused; even The Doc blinks himself back half-awake. The mention of Flat Earth has in effect called attention to a sore subject amongst certain factions at the Table, the issue being – in terms of flat out bullshitting – one of ‘How far can we go?’ (HFCWG?)

For Rip, the HFCWG? question was like putting a number to the net worth of the PTB; it was nonsensical in principal.

The issue was never a matter of physical frauds – since 9/11, the Boston Bombing, Sandy Hook, the various ‘shootings,’ etc., etc. proved that the EUs would accept any explanation for anything — but rather of deeper issues, existential issues. Flat Earth is instinctively seen as of this type; like screwing around with the ‘God issue.’ You just don’t go there, not directly.

Did you know you're not allowed to go there?

Did you know you’re not allowed to go there?

The Table is silent for a few seconds as the implications of the Flat Earth Op, or FEOP (pronounced ‘fee-op’, as it would come to be called) settles in. ‘The concept couldn’t be simpler,’ says MG, enunciating clearly so even the inbred Royals at the Table would understand. ‘We make our own ‘NASA is a fraud’ vids, and claim that the real reason we can’t seem to get into space is that the earth is flat. Maybe there’s even… a dome or something up there keeping us–’

–‘Zee Ancillaries vill be vonderful!’ This is The Doc, wide awake now; it’s The Doc who comes closest to sharing Rip’s Tavistockian view of what is ‘possible’ with the UEs. By ‘ancillaries’ The Doc means the side benefits of the ‘debate’ (amongst the UEs) that was sure to result from a properly launched and funded FEOP.

If you can't go there, why bother with this?

If you can’t go there, why bother with this?

Specifically, The Doc had worries about the more than 100 year-old op – the most successful of all ‘the moderns,’ which referred to any op related to arcane physics – that was launched in 1905 with ‘Einstein’s’ Special Theory of Relativity, which in effect (and purposefully so) cancelled the concept of ‘free energy’: By doing away with ‘the fabric’ of space, Relativity left nothing to draw the goddamn free energy from. In many ways – especially to the Oily Boys — the Einstein Op was the biggie. That Relativity – and the resulting expanding universe/black hole/dark matter & energy balderdash – lasted as long as it has, was still another tribute to the ‘Triple D’ (Department of Dumbing Them Down), of which Rip was the current head guy.

Aside from Relativity, The Doc instinctively knew that a FEOP would misdirect from the increasingly shaky ‘Standard Models’ of not only physics and cosmology, but… literally every academic/scientific discipline, from geology to evolutionary biology to the history of civilization to…

This is from 30 feet above the lake. See the beach?

This is from 30 feet above the lake. See the beach?

…‘Ze pyramids…’ The Doc mumbled, musing on recent revelations that the various worldwide pyramids encoded the dimensions of globe earth – this was inconvenient for the various historical ops and their suppression of the existence of the previous advanced civilizations. With FEOP, that little headache would poof out as well: FEOP would claim that all the ancients believed in FE, so the pyramid encodings would revert back to ‘coincidence,’ which was the long-time ‘textbook’ claim anyway. An op with this sort of ‘textbook ancillary’ was always popular.

‘Efen matematics!’ The Doc was voicing another minor epiphany, although with his blurt he was referring specifically to geometry: FEOP would involve ‘changing’ the distance to celestial bodies (especially the sun/moon), distances that easily can be accurately calculated through simple geometry, as the Greeks and others had done thousands of years back. In effect, geometry would be ‘proved wrong’! If they hung in there, it was only a matter of time until 2 + 2 could equal… whatever their mood dictated.

This is from 5 feet above the lake. Where is the beach?

This is from 5 feet above the lake. Where is the beach?

The bottom line beauty of FEOP resided in all those pesky real-science babies that would be thrown out with the FEOP bathwater. The more the merrier! And with the right agents provocateur on the streets, who knew how far it could be taken? FEOP could result in the martial law pretext The Doc so cherished!

Rip, having similar thoughts, shifted in his seat to conceal his burgeoning erection.

But Rip’s woody involved bigger issues than the ridding from the zeitgeist of ‘real science.’ Since the nature of FEOP put the project squarely under his jurisdiction, Rip was thinking of The Singularity.

MG fired up the wide screen, his eyes wandering down to the figure sprawled on the couch, now muttering, ‘Come on…. Vogue.’

‘Uhhh… here’s one of the directions we’ll be going in. This one will be Tubed (uploaded) a few months in, after we’ve stirred the UEs up. Big Al (the nickname for the algorithm that grew out of the NSA database, now in its 23rd A.I. permutation) pumped this out in a few nano-seconds.’

(‘MartyLeeds33’ pissed me off with this video, so much that I actually left Comments below it. I’ve pasted them in at the bottom of this.)

YouTube Preview Image

‘He’s meaty, by the way,’ MG remarked, referring to ‘Marty Leeds,’ the video’s narrator, meaning that Marty was a meat puppet rather than a purely algorithmic/CGI creation. But ‘real’ had become a fuzzy concept – the image of Marty on the video was a cyber-construct, notwithstanding the existence of the actual, meaty Marty (who was biting into a PB&J sandwich during the few nano-seconds it took Big Al to assemble ‘Marty’s’ video). ‘Marty’s already been briefed and is raring to go live with this.’ (Here MG was of course referring to the meaty Marty.)

Re the last two: even a 3 mile wide lake shows curvature

Re the last two photos: even a 3 mile wide lake shows earth’s curvature

‘You mean he wants to…’

‘My people love a challenge like FEOP!’ boasted MG. He was more than ready for the expected objections to a flat earth resurrection. ‘We have ‘em stacked up — every demographic represented, from bubbas to babes (feminists) to DNAs (pronounced ‘deenas’ for Deep New Agers) to yuppie scum to stoners to the Piled Higher and Deeper contingent (referring to the handful of renegade Ph.ds and other academics – the Electric Universe movement being the most worrisome example – who had seen through the Relativity fraud).’

‘I don’t understand how a Tee-tee (truth type) could accept…’ This was another bankster, quickly cut off by one of the ‘Big Mac’ reps, who was way ahead of him. (‘Big Mac’ referred to any sort of Intel background, the etymology being related to the old MKULTRA, the ‘ULTRA’ part morphing to ‘Big,’ the ‘MK,’ phonetically to ‘Mac,’ transposed; no one would take credit for the backassward acronym/nickname.)

‘It’s win-win with the handful of Tee-tees we haven’t either created or co-opted.’ The Big Mac was humoring his dimmer colleagues: ‘Half of ‘em will get sucked in on GPs (in brief, ‘GP’ referred to general principals, meaning that – to a Tee-tee — if the PTB claimed ‘globe earth’ then the truth must be ‘something else’), and the other half, the RT’s (rational truthers)… will be distracted in their debunking the first half…’ this of course was the main misdirection ancillary (MMA) of almost any op.

Do a search and find about 100 private trips to Antarctica. Someone is lying all right...

Do a search and find about 100 private trips to Antarctica. Someone is lying all right…

‘Yess, yess,’ says The Doc impatiently, meanwhile listing in his head the more subtle ancillaries, and idly wishing he’d thought of FEOP. ‘But it hasss to be big!’ Rip nods; he’d always been fond of the withered old Nazi. Tapping his temple now: ‘Ze shock and awe!’

As the Youtube narrator (whose ‘Marty Leeds33’ screen name was supposed to be a subtle ‘reverse denial’ of his Masonic paymasters) droned on about ‘The human heart’ and ‘Civility in discourse’ and the ‘Meaning of the journey of life’ and assorted other misdirection crocks, a groan rose from the Table, along with a version of the expected, and in some sense, logical objection: ‘I don’t care how much ‘love and kisses’ you give them, you’re going too far with this one!’

An argument broke out: The how far can we go? (HFCWG?) conflict in fact represented a deep psychological issue amongst the boys at the Table, best summed up by the fact that – notwithstanding the ultimate power-leverage they wielded and notwithstanding the continually-proved and profound dim-wittedness of the UE’s – they all were plagued by the recurring nightmare that the collective population of the world would wake up one morning and shout (in a thousand languages, accents, and dialects) ‘Wait a fucking minute!’


The ‘Wait a fucking minute!’ Global Moment (WAFM!GM) was the sort of collective epiphany that would spell doom for their best laid plans, diverse as they were. One route to it (among several million rattling around the aether) was based on the fact that the Lewis and Clark expedition was part of the Collective Unconscious – every living human ‘knows’ about it. Likewise we all ‘know’ about the ‘moon landing’… If the two concepts ever ‘collided in the aether’…. and so forth.

The other obvious route, the one currently worrisome, is of course the FEOP itself. Something this transparently dim-witted could cause a… a bullshit chain reaction leading to the dreaded WAFM!GM…

A WAFM!GM would also likely result in a ‘Trigger pull,’ a TP, which gave serious meaning to the PTB secret phrase, ‘What color is your ticket?’ (The color of one’s ticket defined the nature and depth (the deeper the better) of the accommodations in the underground environment that awaited them… just in case.)

The ultimate version of a WAFM!GM of course included the ‘Grunt EU’s,’ i.e., the armies of the world, particularly the lower ranks who were not ‘a part’ of that which back in Poppy Bush’s days was called ‘The Enterprise.’

Christ… FEOPs, TPs, HFCWGs, MMAs, GPs, RTs, HTWRWs vs HTWATWs, and now WAFM!GMs, plus rowdy clones getting mixed up at the Grammys… There was so much to keep track of!

The WAFM!GM fear was of course based on brute numbers: By head count there were less than a thousand of them — about half that number being ‘Royals’ and too inbred to be of any use in a crisis — and about seven billion UEs… the situation was not unlike the fear of a slave uprising in the Old South… multiplied by about 100 million.

(In case you’re wondering: The ‘Wait a fucking minute!’ Global Moment is the reverse of Rip’s Singularity, wherein everyone mentally just… gives up.)

i give up

And it’s Rip – and only Rip – who is aware that the WAFM!GM nightmare is not just a paranoiac fantasy but an actual possibility, based on the recent breakthrough in the burgeoning branch of (real) science known as Morphic Resonance – the essence of which had been known since the 1960s, with the advances in ‘remote viewing’ (plus the implications thereof), and before that via the quackery labeled by Carl Jung as ‘the collective unconscious.’ Turned out that there was something to Jung’s cocaine-inspired ramblings after all (best elucidated by Rupert Sheldrake).

Thing was, though, Rip knew better. He – and only he – had access to Big Al Permutation 24: The Singularity would beat the WAFM!GM to the finish line! It would be close, ‘By a cunt’s hair’ is how Big Al 24 put it (having been programmed to be clearly understood by the PTB), but Rip liked to play it fast and loose with odds and the UEs. And anyway, if it all went sour he has his Black Ticket, which means access to the full sized replica of the back nine of Augusta National (some 4,000 feet below the real thing)… with little to do down there but fuck and play the links… who cared?


Okay, I got carried away, so we’ll have to do this in two parts. Sorry. But listen: Although I’m pretty sure Rupert Sheldrake is on to something with his version of the collective unconscious and its implications, I also admit it’s unlikely that we can expect any sort of collective WAFM!GM. But the point to my bullshit remains valid, in terms of what the PTB are up to; how, by smothering us in disinformation like FEOP, they can prevent any sort of insight (on HTWRW), let alone unity, by us UEs.

Final Addendum: Rupert Sheldrake has done some interesting experiments as evidence that the human mind is not ‘stuck’ inside our skulls. I added one of my own: When Gus is outside asleep on the beach or in the nearby woods, I’ll creep outside and stand silently staring at the back of her head, asking mentally if she wants to play with the ball or go for a walk. Within 30 seconds she’ll wake up and look at me, her head turning in my direction as her eyes open, no matter which way she’s facing. In more than a dozen tries, this has only failed once (she may have been dreaming about the ball, say, and got the dream me mixed up with… me, and didn’t bother to wake up). My interpretation: God help us all, but whatever is going on in my head, it’s ‘out there’ as well.



I sent some of my photos to ‘name’ FEers. The idiotic messages from those who tried to reply are hilarious! So hang in for some FE comedy and alt media name calling! (It took less than five minutes of ‘research’ to bust Crrow777 on his ‘lunar wave’ bullshit.)

Plus I came across some interesting evidence that the WTC was indeed built to be blown to smithereens — this degree of planning ahead amounts to evidence that the alt media was likewise designed from the ground up, which is my main point.


Here are the Comments I left below ‘Flat Earth; The Ultimate Litmus Test.’ Not one bit of ‘science’ was anything but deceit or misdirection, but it was the lovey-dovey crapola that did it for me:


If the moon (or sun) looks round at its zenith, while at the same moment looks round to another person (far away) watching it set, it MUST be a sphere. How come you don’t know that? This is ‘Visualization 101.’ This is so obvious it makes me think you’re part of some psy op to further dumb us down….
Yes, your reference to the Foucalt Pendulum — comparing it to a PILOTED helicopter proves you are either stupid or deceitful. I don’t think you’re stupid….