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Hi folks,

I’ve pulled over in my trip north in order to get this out immediately. I want to put on the record what’s gone down in the last few days, just to be safe. I don’t know what I’m up against here and am taking precautions.

The following is an Open Letter to the people I’m accusing of – at the very least – dishonest research and disseminating blatant untruths about two writers whom I respect; one of whom I think brilliant. Both of whom are deceased and unable to defend themselves. Those of you who have read my books – especially the last one, CYGAWA – know my attitude towards liars and psychopaths. What we are up against here is definitely the former, and possibly the latter as well. So I’m being cautious.


I” post semi-random pics to show that I’m a real person with… interests.

Since I’ve begun digging up historical truths and exposing the monumental lies we have been subjected to over the past few decades (especially), I’ve lost a lot of ‘surfy’ and ‘expat’ subscribers to this blog. So be it. But those who are hanging in with me, I would ask you to take this post very seriously, and be patient with it. The people I am dealing with represent (at best) a serious problem we face: Dishonesty masquerading as ‘Truth.’ How ‘bad’ they really are is yet to be known. I’m working on it.

If we give up on this, we’re truly lost. If you haven’t heard of these people, I would again ask for patience as I explain what’s at stake.

More on this to come, but for now: One of them (there are three) has blocked me from posting a comment on his website, using the excuse that I’m a ‘troll,’ i.e., a government operative. This is always a red flag that I might be dealing with someone who actually is ‘bad,’ in the manner of his accusation. As you’ll see, the problem he really has with me is that he cannot answer my comment post. He understands that I am on the verge of exposing how fragile is his house of cards of lies.

You may remember that I’ve crossed swords with this guy before: His name is Jan Irvin of I’ve shown him as the fool he is (or worse) in an Open Letter, which I will re-post at the end of this. I suspect he has never gotten over my exposing his hypocrisy (especially re the trivium). But blocking a comment in response to accusations toward deceased writers is hypocrisy that goes over any reasonable edge. I hope you will see this.


The other two individuals are Joe Atwill and Jerry Russell of If something untoward happens to me in the near future, these people are likely behind it. If this seems paranoid, all I can say is that we are living in very serious, very dangerous times. The ‘Alt Media’ is riddled with bad people, i.e., limited hangouts, as I’ve demonstrated in past posts; exposing them has evolved to a major interest.

(Note: If you think this is also paranoid, see my Open Letter to James Corbett’ on my blog. Notwithstanding Corbett’s ‘good’ info – which is what a limited hangout must provide to succeed – if you view that post with an open mind, you’ll understand how serious the problem is: If Corbett can be shown to be ‘bad,’ we have to question anyone who calls himself/herself ‘Alt Media.’)

An Open Letter to Irvin, Atwill & Russell

As you know (and for the record), I have taken exception to your post ‘Unspun 10’, titled ‘The Trial of Ken Kesey.’ In this post and in many others, and in podcasts far and wide, you have accused Kesey (and J.D. Salinger) of committing the worst sin a writer can commit: The conscious causing of damage to his reader. You also accuse them of betraying their respective generations through consciously working for the Deep State (mostly the CIA but including secret societies like the Freemasons) to ‘debase culture’ and ‘damage readers’ and ‘dumb down’ their generations (You have repeatedly made this accusation).

I do not take issue with the general notion that the Deep State sought to do these things: Ken Kesey himself tells us this very thing in the 2011 film The Magic Trip. What I take issue with is your shoddy research (shoddy at best, dishonest & sinister at worst) and the untruths you foist upon your audience about these authors. Your preventing me from exposing your untruths is evidence that this is not an ‘at best’ situation. Your hypocrisy astounds even me, and I thought I’d seen the worst. I hereby accuse you of being ‘bad,’ a betrayer of your readers and of our culture.


If you three are dirty and have the power to do so, I suggest you have me neutralized before tomorrow around noon; that is when I will make public all that has gone down between us in the last few days, starting with Irvin’s blocking of me from posting my below comment on, a post that clearly exposes some of the untruths (lies, actually) you’ve spread about Kesey (and Salinger). You’ve accused me of the same crime as you do these two fine writers, i.e., being a government agent and a betrayer of my readers and my generation. Tomorrow I will contact every media outlet through which you have spread your lies.

Anyone who cares about ‘truth’ will understand your blatant hypocrisy in blocking my (below) comment. This hypocrisy is exponentially exacerbated by your supposed dedication to ‘the trivium,’ and your raving on about having ALL THE GRAMMER (the facts) about any given subject — here you are preventing facts (the truth) from being disseminated, using the hackneyed ‘You’re a troll’ excuse. Is there anyone who will not see what’s behind this lame excuse for blocking my mini-essay?

For the record, here is what you don’t want your site followers to read (Irvin/Atwill are aware that I’m organizing a ‘defense’ to answer their travesty of ‘A Trial of Ken Kesey’, the link to which is below):

Joe /Jan,

While working on my defense of Kesey it is more and more occurring to me that you are not much interested in the actual truth of the matter but rather consumed with ‘being right.’ This is obvious in many ways – one being your answer to my observation that Kesey’s famous cross country ‘Furthur’ Bus Trip (in 1964) did not involve giving out LSD to ‘civilians’ (folks they met on the road). You answered with a link about the movie ‘The Magic Trip,’ which contained a line saying they took acid at ‘the party,’ referring to when they got stuck in the mud in Arizona. Anyone who watched the movie (or even just reading the line) would know that no one other than the Pranksters was even there (until a tractor came to pull them out), let alone took acid. Since you are an intelligent person I have to consider this a ‘lie.’ Here is the quote you alluded to and the URL:

After Cassady drove the bus off the road in Arizona, Kesey dosed the party with LSD. They tipped model paint into a stream, then dipped a T-shirt in it to create the tie-dyed effect that would become associated with San Francisco’s incipient Haight-Ashbury hippy scene. Throughout, Kesey guides the action like a ringmaster, participating but also directing. “Dad would say acid is not for everybody but if you can handle it there are things to be learnt,” says Zane. [If Kesey was part of the Grand Conspiracy to Debase and Damage Culture (GCDDC), why would he say that LSD isn’t for everyone? – a minor point, but there it is.]

I repeat: There is no evidence that Kesey gave out acid during the famous Bus trip in ’64. If you have any, provide it or detract your accusation.

The fact that nowhere in your various articles and podcasts do you mention the 2011 movie ‘The Magic Trip’ is further evidence that truth is not really your agenda. Possibly your reticence in mentioning the movie is related (in part) to my above observation re Kesey not giving ‘civilians’ (non pranksters) acid on the trip. Again, no evidence in the film or anywhere else that he did this.

The movie also clearly shows who was on the trip: This is not a help in your fingering Kesey as a CIA asset, since you cannot show any of the bus folks as dirty. (If you consider Neal Cassady dirty, please provide a primary citation of some sort.) If you’re going to claim that the filmmakers cleverly avoided showing who was on the bus or whether they handed out LSD, please provide a motive that makes sense.

The ‘Kesey tape’ you used in your ‘trial’ [URL below] is another example of your cavalier attitude toward truth – you somehow failed to mention the provenance of the tape or the fact that Kesey had been deceased for 10 years when the movie came out (2011). You admitted in an email that you didn’t even try to find out if the voice on the tape is even Kesey’s. I tried to find out but Alex Gibney (the director) has not answered my query. Whether it is Kesey on the tape or not is not the point. You didn’t try to find out the truth and didn’t reveal the facts behind that tape. You eviscerated Kesey for a clip that he had nothing to do with.

[I hope you folks understand how dishonest this was, and how dishonest it was to conduct a ‘trial’ with no defense.]

How would this have gone at a real trial, with a defense?

In your recent Unspun 20 you do mention that Leary says ‘pastel colored’ in referring to ‘the buses’ that ran around the country. I had not noticed this before. I now have to agree that Leary was referring to Kesey, which means Leary may have considered Kesey as an ‘asset’ to the Grand Conspiracy to Debase and Damage Culture (GCDDC).

What you fail to understand is that in an op of this kind, it is meant to take on a life of its own by creating ‘assets’ who are merely living their lives in the context of the emerging culture. Proof of this is your repeated comment that ‘If there was a GCDDC then Kesey is automatically guilty (of being a CIA/Masonic/whatever operative),’ meaning a conscious asset and a ‘lifetime actor’ [a formal CIA ‘agent’].

Kesey may have been ‘an asset’ as far as Leary was concerned, but as I will point out (in my ‘defense’), there is no real evidence that Kesey was a ‘conscious’ asset. Or rather, the only ‘evidence’ you have is your analysis of Cuckoo’s Nest – which I will deal with in my defense, when it is ready. Your inaccurate (if not dishonest) analysis of the provenance of the title is only one example:

One flew east,

One flew west,

One flew over the Cuckoo’s nest.

Childhood rhyme

This is the opening epigraph of Cuckoo’s Nest. Kesey does the same in his next book, Sometimes a Great Notion, i.e., use an epigraph as the title derivation. Your ‘Gospels’- related analysis does not mention the possibility that the title came from the reference that Kesey says it does – the kid’s rhyme – or explain why this is incorrect.


[Atwill has written a book called ‘Caesar’s Messiah’ that claims Christianity was concocted out of whole cloth by the Flavian Caesars (around A.D. 75) as a means of mind control. He claims that Kesey (and Salinger) were both aware of this and laid in ‘topology’ (symbolism) in their books secretly extolling this via a Freemason plot. Atwill claims that in reality Big Nurse was the hero of the book and Kesey’s term ‘The Combine,’ i.e., an early (1960) reference to the Deep State, was something he approved of. Although I have no opinion on the supposed Flavian scheme, that Kesey secretly cheered on the sinister/occult plot to debase culture is obvious hogwash.

If Atwill’s  notion sounds absurd (so why even deal with it?), be advised that many, many alt media outlets have, with no actual challenging of these notions, helped Atwill/Irvin spread them. I say it’s time to shout ‘Bullshit!’ I ask for your help in this.]

Again, just one example from my upcoming defense of Kesey.

To repeat: Kesey was an asset only in the same sense that I was an asset (to the GCDDC, the Grand Conspiracy) in my pot smuggling days. This observation is related to my request that you [Atwill] read my book, Cosmic Banditos (an autobiographical novel). You should also read my memoir, In Search of Captain Zero, which details my smuggling days and my hob-knobbing with various spooks and international criminals (in Panama in 1978, during the Canal Treaty fiasco, for example, when I hung with Noriega before the CIA killed Torrijos and he took over).


You would also find it interesting (as written about in Zero) that I went from Learjet flying smuggler and international surfer/vagabond (like Kesey, a ‘counterculture anti-hero’) to successful screenwriter virtually overnight – after scuttling a sailboat with 10,000 pounds of pot off Puerto Rico, I checked into the spook-laden U.N. Plaza hotel, wrote a screenplay, flew out to Hollywood and that day had a deal for the script (described in Zero). Soon thereafter I was working with the likes of Michael Mann (I helped create ‘Miami Vice’) and Bob Chartoff (of Rocky and Raging Bull and The Right Stuff fame), who produced my original screenplay, Beer.

Your accusations toward various counterculture people often include how ‘absurd’ and ‘ridiculous’ their ‘life histories’ are: You simplify someone’s history then say that the only explanation is that he/she is funded or directed by MK ULTRA — or the Masons or whatever. Is my history not just as ridiculous? Well, read my books; it’s all true.

Between my instant transition to successful H-wood writer and the ‘culturally damaging’ story I wrote in Cosmic Banditos and given the reasons behind your accusations re Kesey (and Salinger, for that matter), you would have to define me as ‘automatically’ being as guilty as Kesey is. Go ahead and accuse me of being a traitor to my generation and of trying to damage my readers. Go ahead. See if it flies.

[I’m getting angry re-reading this. Add ‘you motherfucking liar’ to that last sentence.]

Your refusal to read my book(s) is evidence that truth is not your main agenda. (I offered and you asked for a copy of Cosmic Banditos, which I signed and sent you. Now you and Jan are claiming it’s irrelevant. Why then send your address for mailing it to you?)

Okay. Enough for now. I am emailing this and also putting it in the comments section of Unspun 20 and I want your site folks to know that I am creating a defense for Ken Kesey and that I expect you and Jan to post it as prominently as you did Kesey’s ‘trial.’


As I have said before (in emails), you have accused a wonderful writer who is not here to defend himself of committing the greatest sin a writer can commit: Consciously seeking to damage his reader. As I will clearly show, you have done this with one-sided and even bogus evidence. [Again, add ‘you motherfucking liars’ to the sentence. Pu-lease help me expose these… liars.]

That you called your accusations a ‘trial’ when no defense was included was a travesty. You should not have labeled it a ‘trial.’ Shame on you. [Ditto. When I wrote this I was unaware that Irvin would block it, hence the additions of the expletives now.]

My defense will show an ongoing dishonesty via untruths by omission and outright untruths. [What I really mean is ‘lies.’]

Allan Weisbecker

P.S. You have not (to my knowledge) explained when this GCDDC began. I don’t expect an exact date but how about a general one or at least a time frame?

# If you want to know why I added the ‘P.S., it had to do with Salinger, not Kesey. The point being that Salinger was writing Catcher in the Rye in 1940 (I can and will prove this), which means that if he was out to ‘debase culture and damage readers’ (Atwill’s oft repeated accusation), he must’ve been in on the plot before the CIA was even founded. (Atwill claims the plot was an MK ULTRA project.) So Salinger, like Kesey, was innocent of Atwill’s claims.

IMG_9608 copy

Here is the comment I tried to post when I realized that the above comment had been under ‘moderation’ for several hours (I didn’t realize that Irvin would block my comment; as used to his hypocrisies as I was, I didn’t think he’d go that far):

It’s now been several hours and Jan has not posted my last comment, even though Jerry Russell has admitted (in the forum) that they should retract the claim that Kesey gave out LSD on the Bus trip. Surely, Jan, your site folks deserve the info in my post. No?

Jan, I am also wondering if this should influence your opinion that I’m too ‘stupid’ to be worth debating the matter with you….

While I’m waiting, I have another question re ‘The Magic Trip’: Is this where you first got the idea that Kesey was part of the Grand Conspiracy to Debase and Damage Culture (GCDDC)? I ask because toward the end of the film Kesey is being interviewed and he says that Allen Ginsberg told him that the psychedelic revolution was a CIA plot to dumb down the kids. Mmmmm. Sounds familiar. Maybe you didn’t recommend the film because it might seem odd that a major participant in the GCDDC would spill the beans about the op. (As you know, I agree with you that there was such a plot.)

While I’m thinking about it: You claim that Kesey must be dirty because he otherwise couldn’t afford the Bus trip, all the acid (that he did not give away!). Well, maybe you forgot that he had two successful books in print, both having been bought for the movies, not to mention a Broadway play based on one of them. Aside from my other similarities to Kesey (hey, I’m living the cross country lifestyle now, in my RV!), I had two of my books bought for the movies (by Sean Penn and John Cusack). I made over $400,00 total, just on the movie deals.

Did you forget how much movie deals make an author or were you ‘padding’ your evidence with an outright untruth. [Right, add ‘the lying motherfucker here.]


Jan, either post my stuff or send me the money I contributed to you. Use the Paypal at [Yes, I actually contributed to this asshole’s site. He blocks me plus refuses to repay me. Looks like his ‘integrity’ costs… $45… no, wait, he has no integrity to sell.]

I’d love the opinion of the others on this forum, including Jerry, who showed class in admitting they were wrong…. those who understand Irvin’s hypocrisy please email him in outrage.



Sorry for the length of this, folks. Truth often takes some time and wordage. My request to those of you hanging in with me is to spread this post far and wide.



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