Corbett Flat Out Busted

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You guys keep surprising me. I assumed I’d get all kinds of flak for my post exposing some of the evidence that James Corbett is not who and what he appears to be. One or two responses reflected that the writers ‘preferred not’ to think of Corbett as a controlled operative (words to that effect) but no hostility whatsoever.

Quite a few of you wrote to the effect that you had suspected something ‘wasn’t right with the guy’ and thanked me for defining some sources of their gut feelings. Some brought up other problems, like his failure to properly deal with events like Sandy Hook and the Boston bombing, two very obvious black ops. Plus Israel, which rarely mentions. Good points!

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Yesterday, reading ‘Under the Banner of Heaven’ by Krakauer


Posting my Open Letter to Corbett wasn’t an easy decision, notwithstanding that all I really did was reproduce statements he’s made and then do some critical thinking 101 as follow up. That Corbett accused someone else (Gordon Duff) of disinfo agentry did help with my unease; what’s good for the goose, etc. Point being, though: It’s no fun to point a finger at someone who has seemingly devoted his life to the pursuit of ‘truth.’


Whatever unease that may have lingered, it’s gone now. Poof!


Why? What happened?

One of you guys, his first name is Bob, contacted Corbett and asked for a response to my post (several of you have done this, apparently). Corbett, in his response to Bob, not only told a blatant and provable lie about me, but verified that his repetition of ‘Flight 77 hit the Pentagon’ could be nothing other than purposeful disinformation (non-purposeful disinfo is best labeled ‘misinformation’). A real relief. Here’s how it went:


Subject: RE: Bob sent you a voice message on SpeakPipe
Date: Saturday, June 13, 2015 6:16 AM
To: James Corbett


Thanks James, I don’t know why the audio message wasn’t good at your end, it seemed to go OK here as far as I could tell but was the first time I tried this.

Yesterday I read Allan Weisbecker’s open letter to you – I am a subscriber to his blog and have read one of his books and seen his Water Time documentary. I met him unexpectedly (months after reading his book and seeing Water Time) last January in the southern California desert as he was camped out and we visited for awhile. It was Jon Rappoport who pointed him out to me and Jon is someone I currently hold in very high esteem.

You may know that I am a supporter of yours now for a few years and we have communicated occasionally via email.

I will get straight to the point and ask you to please address the concerns Allan has made in his open letter to you as they are also concerns I have now. As much as I appreciate all your work, it is extremely important for me to know who I am paying attention to and what their motives are. I apparently have inferior critical thinking skills as this stuff just didn’t register for me – and that is also one of the points Allan makes – that perhaps the delivery of information is designed to bypass my awareness. And I am diligently working to correct this fault in my reasoning.

I am shedding myself of false information and information providers James, and as much as it would sadden me learn that you are among the information sources I would shed – I am going to do it if I cannot determine your veracity.
Sorry to put it this way but that is how it is and I know you will understand.

Corbett’s answer:

Subject: RE: Bob sent you a voice message on SpeakPipe
From: James Corbett
Date: Saturday, June 13, 2015 6:49 AM

Years ago Allan sent me a copy of his documentary. I invited him on the show and he turned down the invitation because he was busy writing an essay. That essay was about how I was supposedly colluding with Alex Jones behind his back to censor him. To repeat: he turned down an interview with me so he could write an essay about how I was censoring him.

I have absolutely no idea what hit the Pentagon, and, assuming he was not part of the plot, neither does Allan. But anyone who doesn’t understand that my presentation in Malaysia was convicting the government with their own words doesn’t have much of a critical faculty.

Alex Jones has provided good information in the past. He has also sensationalized and done silly things in the past. It concerns me when people focus on the person delivering the message rather than the information itself. I understand why it is done (just look what Allan is doing here), but it is utterly pointless. Don’t follow me. Or Allan. Or Alex Jones. Or anybody. Take the documentable, verifiable information you find useful and apply it to your own research.

Hope this helps.



 This really jumps out at me:

To repeat: he turned down an interview with me so he could write an essay about how I was censoring him.

But first look at Corbett’s opening paragraph and see if it even makes sense. I send him my documentary (which I did) and then I refuse to be on his show? Why? According to Corbett, because I’m writing a (paranoid-sounding) essay about him and Alex Jones? If I wanted to accuse him of censoring me, wouldn’t I want to be on his show to accuse him of it?

It’s Corbett making no sense here, not me.

Corbett's report disinfo image

Says it all…

What Corbett is likely forgetting is that I did write an essay wherein he and Alex Jones were mentioned, but it was/is nothing as he describes. Here’s a small chunk of the essay:

Hypocrisy of the censorship sort is not to be tolerated by the rest of us. This is a given and the essential point of this very long essay.

But I’d like to see how I did with Corbett in this more detailed version of what I sent in the past; maybe James will give these subjects some deeper thought than he did before. So before submitting this for publication I’m sending it to Corbett for his remarks.

Note as of December 10th: I sent this current essay to Corbett on November 24; it is now three weeks later and I have not heard from him. This in spite Corbett’s having invited me to be an interview subject on his podcast – as a result of his having seen Part One of the film I’m working on, which, he wrote, ‘impressed’ him.

I wrote four follow up emails, all unanswered, one even asking that he let me know if he’s not going to participate in my essay. Corbett may be ‘busy,’ but an ‘I’d rather not’ return email doesn’t seem too much to ask.

Click here to go to the above page.

I’d love for you all to read the whole essay but for now the point is that Corbett was obviously lying about our past dealings. Lying through his fucking teeth.

If anyone doubts that, here is the email in which he invited me to be on his show:

From: “” <>
Sent: Monday, November 8, 2010 5:05 PM
Subject: RE: package?

 Allan, thank you again for sending that package. I finally had time to

watch the DVD you sent and was duly impressed. You do a nice job of
establishing the concept and introducing yourself to the viewer so that
they become interested in the story. I’m looking forward to the rest.

In the meantime, I’d be happy to have you on as a guest to discuss the
project if you’re interested.


The subtext of the email also puts the lie to Corbett’s claim that I declined to be on his show because of the paranoid essay I was writing. And to back up my statement (in the essay) that Corbett cut me off, here’s one of the last emails I sent to him:

From: Allan Weisbecker <>
To: james corbett <>
Sent: Tuesday, November 30, 2010 12:31 PM
Subject: endira, etc


you haven’t written: i’m hoping your just busy and not blowing me off. i assume you’re just busy.

my essay was meant mainly to point our aberrations in how we of the truth persuasion sometimes think and how the denial we evidence is no different from that which plagues ‘other’ people.

how the denial prevents us from seeing clearly.

an example of course is the o’neill matter. also, in your ‘mark and josh’ podcast, at some point josh claims that endira singh was — like o’neill — set up to die on 9/11. he says something like: …. another coincidence? too many… etc (it’s obvious he thinks singh was set up to be killed)

james, i’m putting you on the spot in this matter because i’m hoping there is SOMEONE out there that can be affected by new information, like my o’neill stuff, and what i say about how we need to think. you’re a very smart, dedicated guy, whom i respect.

i’m really starting to get discouraged — i hope you do the right thing and don’t blow me off in these matters.

i need advice in finding a venue for my essay. will you advise me on that?

or, for that matter, critique the thing, help improve it?


So much for my faith in my fellow humans, eh? I’m asking for help with the essay. Lying sack of shit.

Here’s a bit of another email I sent to Corbett, while I was in Costa Rica (notice the date):

From: Allan Weisbecker <>
To: james corbett <>
Sent: Friday, November 26, 2010 10:08 AM
Subject: essay


I’m busy and distracted right now but I felt I had to send some additional thoughts – forgive the sloppiness of this.

I’m still in costa rica and I’m a bit worried…

(for space reasons I cut a few paragraphs)

you are welcome to send my essay to anti-iluminati for a  response. Be fine with me if you had both of us on your show to deal with the issues in my essay.

James, I could quote you all day on how important TRUE information is and the free exchange of ideas and etc etc… but I don’t have time. But the misinformation about o’neill and the censoring of the truth of that matter – these are major issues.

I’ll be back in touch when I get home, if not before.


ps part of the reason for this email is to put on the record my fear of a set up upon returning to the US.

 Sorry for the overkill but does it sound like I refused to be on his show because of the essay?

Don’t you love it when a liar is just flat out busted in public?

But more important is his email-to-Bob comment about the Pentagon:

I have absolutely no idea what hit the Pentagon…

Well, then, James, don’t you think you have the responsibility to explain to the many thousands of people (in the Youtube video, to start) that you disinformed, by stating words to the effect of ‘Flight 77 hit the Pentagon’ (a grand total of 23 times)?

If there is a reasonable possibility explaining all this other than ‘James Corbett is an agent of disinformation and a liar’ I can’t think of it.

As one of you already pointed out, I have to be careful: We don’t know how important Corbett is in the ‘grand plan’ or whatever. (We do know that the Alt Media is lousy with controlled operatives.)

So do me a favor. Spread my two posts as much as you can; this is my best protection. If something, anything, untoward happens to me, it will therefore maybe cause more of an uproar than it would be worth.

Suicide ain’t my thing, plus I’m in good health. Got that?

Please help these messages go viral. And maybe make sure Corbett gets it…. Seriously, I need your help on this. (I sure as hell hope he’s not Mossad.)

More to come (right: I hope)…


Hey, here’s a slapdash vision of my current campsite (I’m a little distracted by the current bullshit):

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