Flat Earther David Weiss Lets Slip FE Is a Govt Op

Hi folks,

I’ve just put up on Youtube a video that is the point of this post, which is going to be (mercifully?) short. I put some work into this little film; I wanted to get it right. In trying to keep it short (around 15 minutes) I failed to make certain points clear enough. Most of the people reading this already know the earth is a sphere and may be thinking that to argue the point is a waste of time. And indeed, arguing the ‘truth’ of FE is part of the agenda of the FE psy op. That’s not what the video is about.

The video is about is deceit, how it runs rampant these days, how very many alt media figures are involved in it; more than we want to think. It is distressing. And yes, we could, maybe should just ignore it, but the FE op tells us a few things about the agenda of the PTB. I’ll get deeper into that in an upcoming post. For now I just want to give you access to the video, and also back up some of the claims I made that I couldn’t work in without getting over-long.

Here’s the video, titled ‘Flat Earther David Weiss lets slip that FE is a govt psy op!

I’m not embedding it because I’ve heard Youtube can screw with the hit count with embeds.

The video ‘outs’ Flat Earth ‘authority’ (his claim) David Weiss as a government operative. I imply that Sofia Smallstorm cannot be trusted and is almost certainly an operative. That she claims Weiss as a ‘friend’ is part of the reason, plus the simple fact that she promotes FE. I have had to come to the conclusion that any alt media figure that supports FE in any way is dirty.

But aside from that, an email back-and-forth I had with Smallstorm is provocative evidence that she is ultimately under the direction of the PTB. I’ll reproduce it here. I should first reveal that Smallstorm knows who I am; I’ve been on Jim Fetzer’s The Real Deal podcast many times, plus we have communicated amicably by email before.

This is from December 23, 2016:

Hi Sofia,

I’m a friend of Jim Fetzer, been on his show a bunch of times; you and I have briefly been in touch.

I came across the flat earth youtube you did about a year ago and am concerned — I’m sure you’ve gotten  emails about this…

I’m hoping you’ve ‘come around’ since the podcast. If not, first I’ll attach some photos from a few days ago. I’m camped on the Gulf Coast in an RV. The photos show an anchored vessel about 5 – 6 miles offshore, one photo from 5 feet above water level (# 2 is a blow up of that), the other about 16 feet, from the top of my camper (pictured).

The other two are from a lake in Montana — distance is about 3 miles. Notice the beach disappears in the photo from close to lake level — due to the curvature of the earth, even at that short distance.

Since all the photos are from relatively short distance, none of the ‘perspective’ arguments hold water.

Take a glance at the photos please. (The photos were the ones in my video that show the curvature.)

(I also added a link to one of my NASA-frauds videos and a passage about the Vendee around the world yacht race that proves spherical earth, omitted here for brevity – it’s already been in my blogs too many times.)

If you were NASA and worried about exposure, wouldn’t you do exactly that — mix up real videos like mine with those claiming FE, which, as I hope you now realize, is…. obviously untrue (to be kind in my wording)?

I hope you take this email with the spirit of my intent – truth, and helping a fellow truth seeker dodge a nasty bullet of misdirection/deceit.


(The photos I attached are in my video)

Sofia did not immediately respond so I added this after listening to another of her podcasts.


I just finished your podcast – frankly, it was a bit painful, given the respect I have for you — how your Sandy Hook and 9/11 work affected me.

You said you live near the beach. Ok, go to the beach with binoculars. stand at water level and look at a boat far enough away to appear ‘small’ — 5 or more miles out. Then find a hill or whatever and look at it again. You will see the curvature just as in my photos. What more do you need?

You said one of your friends wanted a ‘thor Heyerdahl’ proof. That’s me. I’m an old time celestial navigator. Many times I’ve ‘Dipped the light’, which proves a curved sea surface. (I provide a URL to ‘dipping the light’)

I describe this in my 2000 book In Search of Captain Zero, so it’s not ad hockery. I’ve been a celestial navigator since the 70s, before GPS, etc. Using a sextant and chronometer i have crossed oceans. The idea that you could find a sailor that would believe in FE is ridiculous.

Please go to the beach and let me know how it goes. Unless this is unimportant to you.


Oh, attached is a photo i took 16 miles off Havana in 1996. Can you not see that most of the city is below the horizon. If you think you can ‘zoom’ in and see the beach, go ahead and enlarge the photo. No beach, no buildings less than several stories high. (I included this photo, which you’ve all seen before.)

No response. I was getting the Sofia-drift but realized that two emails were enough. However, by this time I’d emailed Weiss also but through his website, which did not allow photo attachments. So two days later I sent Sofia an email, merely asking her to kindly forward my email (with the photos) to Weiss since I couldn’t do it myself. Here was her reply to my request for a simple favor:

ALLAN, PLEASE DO NOT INCLUDE ME IN YOUR FLAT EARTH ARGUMENTS.  I am removing your email address because it is clogging my inbox

Hold on. I ask a ‘colleague’ for a simple forward (to another ‘researcher’) and this is what I get back? Not only the yelling but I get spammed…. I’m clogging her inbox?

I hadn’t ‘bothered’ her with any more of my ‘evidence.’ Just please forward and… she YELLS that I shouldn’t include her in MY Flat Earth arguments? What planet (of whatever shape) is this woman living on? She is a ‘public figure,’ and alt media ‘name’ (who knows me) and who promotes flat earth in her podcasts and she pulls this?

Here’s what’s going on: Sofia Smallstorm (Shafquot is her real name) does not believe that the earth is flat. Frankly, folks, no competent researcher or alt media figure actually buys FE.

Sofia spammed me partially out of… embarrassment. She couldn’t answer my photo and other proofs (like the yacht race) but she has to maintain a flat earth position because that’s her job. She’s under orders, probably from the same ‘controllers’ that Weiss blurted about. Thing is, unlike Weiss, Sofia is an intelligent person, and is uncomfortable promoting something so obviously… untrue.

Sofia, like David Weiss, is a limited hangout, a government agent, a bit higher up and definitely more competent than Weiss. The ‘good’ information she has disclosed (mixed with disinfo) over the years is part of that game. It’s the very definition of limited hangout.

‘Meat puppets’ like Weiss get their jobs mainly through referrals, although the better ones, like Sofia, are more likely recruited via family ties. That Sofia went out of her way to call Weiss a ‘friend’ indicates she may have recruited him.

(This ‘Confessions of an Internet Shill’ essay is worth a look. Although it itself is probably limited hangout – leaving out the complex ops like FE – it no doubt contains some truth, like how shills are recruited.)

The sort of rebuff Sofia subjected me to has happened with virtually every ‘name’ alt media figure I have ever contacted. If you’ve paid attention to this blog you know this. As with James Corbett and Jay Dyer and the whole gang at the Secret Space Program conference I attended and everybody else, I bring up a subject that is a ‘tell’ and eventually (especially when pressed) they make an excuse to call me an asshole and cut off communications.

I also came across an interesting Sofia-interview. When asked for her background, her family history, here’s how it went:

This aired on 20th Sept 2007 and here, Sofia is interviewed in relation to “9/11 Mysteries” by Harold Channer at about 3:40 into the above he says (video url below):


HC: You said you travelled around the world, your family – was it a business thing or err military family that brought you around the world?

SS: It’s not something that I’m really gonna go into…

HC: Oh, OK

SS: I had the opportunity to see the world as a child and see that different cultures thought in different ways

HC: Was the family involved in things that moved you around the world… as an infant…?

SS: No, as a child

HC: As a child

SS: Yes

HC: And so the family was moving around [yes] that’s an unusual kind of thing – usually.

SS: Some people do it…

HC: Was your family with military?

SS: We’re gonna move on here…

HC: Oh, OK…

Sofia did not want to admit she is from a military (or Intel) family; otherwise she would have behaved differently. (Watch the video if you’re interested in her.) Given everything else, that she doesn’t want to talk about her background is a big red flag. Isn’t it?

Soooooo…. with the MSM thrown under the bus and abandoned by more and more of the populace, we’re left with…

Welcome to the alt media folks! (‘We’re the media now,’ Sofia says in a podcast in my video…)


I’m working on the continuation of my last post, ‘A Flat Earth Round Table.’ I’ve got to finish up with Crrow777, Greg Carlwood, ‘meaty’ Marty Leeds, plus some fun details.


Addendum: I put the video on Youtube about 24 hours ago. So far, 18 comments. One claims that Weiss is being ‘satirical’ in his blurt that he has controllers. I might as well debunk that one here.  

Before posting the video I emailed Weiss with an attachment of the audio of his blurt, hoping he would dig himself deeper into the hole he started with the blurt. I was not disappointed. I’ll paste in our exchange.

The vast majority of you need not plow through this. I’m adding it as a ‘technicality,’ to show that Weiss was not being ‘sarcastic’ or ‘ironic’ in his blurt.

But please skip down to the last couple paragraphs. I have a favor to ask.

On Feb 1, 2017, at 2:06 PM, Allan Weisbecker <acwdownsouth@yahoo.com> wrote:


Who were you referring to (in the attached clip) with the words ‘my controllers’? I realize that you were kidding when you said they’d just told you, but even in a joke you must be referring to someone….
What ‘controllers’ would have access to a million dollars re the subject matter of FE promotion?

Has anyone else noticed this slip? Like your controllers? Did they yell at you?

[Attachment of about 30 seconds of audio from the podcast that includes his ‘controllers’ blurt]

Okay. Here is Weiss’s initial response. It is significant in its brevity: 

From: David Weiss <xxxxxx@gmail.com>
To: Allan Weisbecker <acwdownsouth@yahoo.com>
Sent: Wednesday, February 1, 2017 2:34 PM
Subject: Re: your controllers

Please seek mental healthcare.

To which I replied:

yes, a straight ad hominem was your only option. I assume you feel the same about the guy who posted this, which I’m sure you’ve seen: Astronaut admits where he is.


So Weiss replied:

From: David Weiss <xxxxxx@gmail.com>
To: Allan Weisbecker <acwdownsouth@yahoo.com>
Sent: Wednesday, February 1, 2017 8:39 PM
Subject: Re: your controllers

I have no idea what you are trying to get at by sending me that video of the fake astronauts on the fake ISS.

I couldn’t help myself:

On Feb 1, 2017, at 10:43 PM, Allan Weisbecker <acwdownsouth@yahoo.com> wrote:

Okay, David, I’ll play along.

In the world of psy ops, the word ‘handler’ [ I meant controller] has a very specific meaning. Look it up, but I can tell you it means the government agent that gives orders to another agent, a lessor one, one ‘on the ground.’

In your interview with Sofia you referred to your ‘[controllers],’ meaning that you have one or more. Although the ‘million dollars’ you offered was obviously untrue – call it a joke – that you used the term at all was significant.

I, for example, do not have a [controller], or [or controllers], since I am not involved in government psy ops. I would never think of using the word in referring to a source of money I could give someone, even as a joke. You were fairly new at your job back then and were bragging — a mistake in the psy ops biz.

That an ‘astronaut’ could make a slip as in the video shows how easily such slips can happen (as you well know, this was my point), although in his case he wasn’t bragging. When someone’s job is to lie all day, he can easily fuck up, especially when he has a big (though unearned) ego, as you do.

Your initial response to me — that I need psychological help or some such — was not very smart either. A flip response would have ‘played’ better, something like, ‘Hey, Allan, it was just a joke.’ [Notice that he never claims it was a joke or sarcasm or satirical or ironic] This would not have explained the reference to [‘controllers] but it would have been better misdirection. Your hostility towards me betrayed the tension you were experiencing that someone noticed the dumb-ass blurt.

Your response also indicates that I am the first who noticed the blurt, which is of course a bit distressing. I mean, do I have to notice everything?


Mercifully, we’re at the pay off now:

From: David Weiss <dtweiss@gmail.com>
To: Allan Weisbecker <acwdownsouth@yahoo.com>
Sent: Wednesday, February 1, 2017 10:00 PM
Subject: Re: your controllers

OK now I get it. [my emphasis]  You really think that I am a government agent with a boss or handler instructing me what to do and my mission is to spread dis info like you think the flat earth is.  Is that correct?  Can I ask how much I get paid?

Allan, Ill be honest with you.  The only reason I respond to your emails is because I want to see what insane thing you will say next.

My advice to you is to find another hobby.

To which I wrote:

On Feb 2, 2017, at 11:43 AM, Allan Weisbecker <acwdownsouth@yahoo.com> wrote:
If you’re just now understanding what I mean, why was your initial reaction so hostile? why wasn’t it confusion?

[The rest is redundant so I cut it]

To those of you who had reason to plow through the above: Do you believe that Weiss did not understand my initial email (with the sound clip)? Claiming that he is just now ‘getting it’ is a transparent lie. People who lie for a living –- habitual, maybe psychopathic liars — figure that lying is the always the best answer to any thorny question…

And, again, he never claims his blurt was ‘sarcastic,’ which in fact would have been his best prevarication.


A favor. First, remember that I’m not trying to debunk FE theory. To argue it is tempting but playing into their hands. I believe the video is important as a start in a citizens’ investigation into the FE psy op.

I’ve previously covered likely agendas behind this psy op and mostly hope you all will help expose the agents of the state (like those in the video) who are being paid our tax dollars (black ops dollars, actually) to mind control us.

Please spread the video around, maybe starting with FE video comments: the URL to my video and a short description you can copy and paste. If everyone does this a half dozen times we’ll be off to the going-viral races.

And hit the ‘like’ button: If we are successful I expect that a wave of shills is in the offing (as in my ‘lying astronauts’ video).

Hang in. More to come.