What Happened to Allan? Part Two

Hi Folks,

The following is Part Two of my essay on alt media co-option, the election, and pizzagate. If you found Part One of value, you should find Part Two especially so. I start off with more observations on government surveillance and what it means regarding the subjects of the essay. We pick up while I’m in the midst of trying to find an alt media outlet that did not deceive us regarding the PTB’s forehand knowledge of how the election would go…

It was only a couple years ago (the original whistleblowers were like ten years ago) when we found out that the NSA seizes and archives everything…

IMG_1303 copy here

…hold on, I gotta find something… Some evidence that someone out there posing as trustworthy (an alt media outlet) actually was on the level re the election and the NSA database (and the A.I. algorithms it involves)… more googling…

…okay, this is the closest I got (that had ‘election’ and ‘NSA database’ in the same article):

Just ahead of the presidential election mayhem in the United States, a survey by the Pew Research Center in May of last year showed that nearly 55 percent of Americans disapproved of National Security Agency (NSA) surveillance. That poll came ahead of the passage of the USA Freedom Act, which ended the mass collection of phone records, but which still left many of the agency’s spying powers intact.

I know, the above blurb is not even close (to our subject), but assuming accuracy, it’s an interesting poll result, IMO, and worth a few words. Aside from the bald-faced lie that any NSA powers were stripped by Congress (see my Snowden essay), 55% disapproval means that (simplistically) 45% of us figure NSA’s illegal database is just fine. (The ‘phone records,’ aka ‘metadata,’ issue is pure misdirection, to distract you from thinking about the content [of your personal life] they have stashed.)

Do I really live amongst fellow humans who are that desensitized?

I want to move on to pizzagate – it’s very interesting – so I’ll finish up this election issue with another aspect that tells us what was going on from the get-go, which is the polls. Any given poll will have a margin of error, which is defined mathematically, based on well-proven factors. I haven’t done the actuarial legwork on this, but I can guarantee you that the probability of virtually (there’s that word again) all the polls being not only wrong, but so wrong about the election is astronomical. By this I mean that the probability of their being ‘wrong by chance,’ i.e., that they were not fraudulent, is close to zero — way over one in a million. (I’d love it if someone would do the work, find a number.)

Maybe this will give you a better idea. I’ll quote from actuarial scientist Richard Charnin’s blog:

The FBI claimed to have interviewed 25,000 [during their JFK investigation]. The probability that 25 of 25,000 witnesses would be murdered in the three years following the assassination is 2E-11 or 1 in 40 billion.

If you go with ‘unnatural deaths’ (rather than ‘murder’) in the above, the number is in the trillions. If this doesn’t sound right, consider the following:

When someone asks the (maybe rhetorical) question, ‘What are the odds?’, in many cases we know, mathematically. If I were to ask you what are the odds that I could flip a coin 10 times and get 10 heads, we know what the odds are: 1 in 1024.

You multiply ½ x ½ x ½ x ½ x ½ x ½ x ½ x ½ x ½ x ½. The bottom number is 1024. Those are the odds. 1/1,024. One chance in 1,024, meaning I would need to ‘do the flipping’ that many times to have an even chance of 10 consecutive heads. Pretty slim. How about 20 heads in a row? Whaddya think, one over 2,048? I’ll quote from Gambler’s Fallacy:

‘If one flips a fair coin 21 times, then the probability of 21 heads is 1 in 2,097,152. However, the probability of flipping a head after having already flipped 20 heads in a row is simply ½ (fifty-fifty).’ [I included the last sentence for the helluvit.]

IMG_1238 copy

Point being: Unlikely events can happen (one poll being completely wrong), but they cannot happen one after the other in a long string of improbabilities, not in the world as we know it.

It absolutely would not surprise me if similar numbers applied to the pre-election polling. 1 in 40 billion (that they ‘honestly got it wrong’). Something like that. But what’s my point? That only a completely rigged ‘event’ could include that many statistically unlikely individual data sets (polls). I’ll not over-explain this further. Look into it (and if you get a specific number, contact me). The poll numbers were fraudulent. Again: To rig so many different polls, conducted by ‘different’ organizations, suggests that one extremely powerful entity was orchestrating the numbers/results and likely the whole event, for the reasons given in my bold paragraph, below. And again, hardly a word on this from our cherished alt media.

I’ll say it one more time, in this new context: Polls, if conducted honestly and properly, are an actuarial-science joke compared to the NSA database, in terms of accuracy and the depth of potential knowledge. So: Whatever the true mood of the ‘electorate’ was (and we’ll never know), the PTB knew it way before November. 

You might remember my email from Part One, wherein I mentioned ‘walking the dog’ and immediately found a dog-related ad on my Yahoo page. Okay, I threw together a few clips from a movie called Big Data, which is available online:

YouTube Preview Image

I hope, I pray, you understand the naivety of the people speaking to you in the above clips. They apparently do not have a clue as to what the data/algorithms are now being used for, i.e., to predict and to affect you and your life in ways that are best summed up as evil… (the people referred to in ‘pizzagate’ are those who have control over the data/algorithms… you should think about that. Also: Given that your cell phone knows when you drive over a pothole, do you believe me about the Dutch guy who says they know who is handling  a phone? Do you know what I mean by implications?))

But the point for now is the following:

The PTB planned for Donald Trump to win the election of 2016, and they also wanted to cause as much turmoil and divisiveness as possible in the process (hence Hillary ‘winning’ the popular vote). The MS media was key in the latter, still is. The PTB also wanted to give the impression that they wanted Hillary; they want ‘us’ to think that we can overpower them with… with our will… our votes. The alt media pitched in here as well, but their ultimate role in what’s coming is much more complex.

But this is how dumb they think we are. They figured we’d forget about the NSA database. The alt media was vital here, via their silence on the role of the database, their failure to tell us that the PTB knew exactly how the populace would ‘vote.’ (Sorry, but I can’t repeat this too many times. It’s that important.)

IMG_1015 copy

One more aspect, agenda-wise: Whatever catastrophe is next (a financial collapse, say), we brought it on ourselves by ‘insisting’ on Trump.

(Anecdotally, just after the election I emailed an acquaintance back in Montauk, a ‘liberal’ lawyer [who appeared in Water Time] and asked if he thought it a good idea if the electoral college threw Trump out, overturned the election. ‘Fine with me,’ was his answer. Fine with me. This is a person who took an oath to uphold the Constitution. This is what we’re dealing with, and why the PTB are unconcerned about the MS media’s discrediting itself. People like this will stick with them no matter what.)

If you get your news from anyone who supported Trump without a huge caveat (no alt media I know of had a huge caveat) or, post-election, claimed that ‘the people’ were victorious, blah blah, or anything of the sort, you must consider this person a limited hangout (LH).

ADDENDUM: A thought. They are planning on martial law, and fairly soon, possibly during Trump’s ‘honeymoon’ – with the knowledge that Trump’s supporters are in theory those most likely to be outraged by it (right wing bubba types who are armed). This way, ‘their boy’s’ announcement of martial law will at the very least cause severe cognitive dissonance… (cognitive dissonance amongst bubba types can be fatal).  Hillary declaring Martial Law wouldn’t go over well, especially with certain ‘right’-leaning types. But The Donald? He’s all but told us that he has no problem with martial law.

In fact, you have to assume that all alt media news sources are LH. This isn’t as bad as it sounds, though. The Most Dangerous Book in the World; 9/11 as Mass Ritual was LH and boy did I learn some stuff from that. Ditto ‘Miles Mathis.’ You simply have to be aware that in the long run the persona you are listening to is out to deceive you. Just know that. Critical thinking, like I’ve done here (I believe), is key.

Addendum: Although I have major problems with Dr. Joseph Farrell, in his new book he mentions The Most Dangerous Book in the World. For what it’s worth (depending on your view of Farrell), here’s his reaction to the information from the book:

‘When I had first finished S.K. Bain’s (sic) The Most Dangerous Book in the World: 9/11 as Mass Ritual, I had to sit, quietly, for several minutes. It was as if I had been shocked back into reality, or perhaps into a different reality altogether, the reality we think humanity left long ago, but which in point of fact it did not.’ 

I’m planning on doing a formal review of Dr. Farrell’s book but for now I’ll only add that my reaction to Bains’s devastating information was similar, at least in terms of degree of shock. It truly is the most important LH I’ve ever come across.

IMG_0853 copy


Up until now I have been considering the PTB as a unified entity — defined by Those from whom no knowledge is kept, the NSA database being the most important single ‘knowledge-set.’ (The main function of the database is as a long-term tool for blackmailing potential powerbrokers. This is whence the real power of it resides).

However, it’s become obvious that there are multiple factions, vying for ultimate power (access to unlimited knowledge and to the ‘practical’ power that results, like the power to print money, wage war, but mainly power over you). Although the Snowden affair may have been an example of the faction-jockeying (sort of an intramural ‘CIA vs NSA’ game), I tend to see it as a combination ‘Revelation of the Method’ (they have to tell us what they’re doing as part of their twisted occult ‘morality’) plus a desensitization (get us used to being watched), plus the sort of warning that leads to self-censorship; the ‘panopticon effect’ from my Snowden essay (go to the link then word search for ‘panopticon’).

But perhaps the best evidence that the PTB disagree amongst themselves is the alt media itself, in terms of the nature of the information ‘leaked’ via the various LH operations. In the interest of brevity, I’ll give you just one example, albeit (IMO) the one that is at the bottom of the conflict amongst the PTB factions: the subject being the occult/Satanism and the PTB (yes, this is a segue to pizzagate). On the one hand we have The Most Dangerous Book in the World, which, as I’ve said, demonstrates the extreme lengths to which the PTB will go to in order to ‘evoke,’ or at least pay homage to, the ‘supernatural powers’ that many (if not all) of them believe serve them (or so it would seem). It’s also Revelation of the Method plus pure braggadocio.

Then we have the web persona of Miles Mathis, a very ambitious psy op, maybe second only to WikiLeaks. MM, in his ‘historical revisionist’ essays repeats wherever he can work it is that the occult is not only a research dead end, but, via misdirection, is meant (by the PTB) to mislead us. If you haven’t studied MM, just trust me on this for now. The occult as a research dead end is at (or near) the top of his list of memes. He repeats this over and over (while simultaneously pointing out the PTB’s obsession with numerology, as if there is no conflict here).

So here we have two LH ops, The Most Dangerous Book (S.K. Bains)and ‘Miles Mathis’ (in my next post I will prove beyond any doubt that ‘he’ is a major psy op, by committee), insisting on diametrically opposite rationales for the underlying source of ‘power’ for those who seek to do us harm.

Predictably – since he dismisses ‘the occult’/Satanism as irrelevant — MM likewise pooh-poohs pizzagate as… here’s how he starts his ‘tack on’ summation, after gaining our trust with personal revelations (about his sex life)…

As a tack-on, I will quickly address the Pizzagate scandal. I am getting a lot of emails on it, but I have no wish to write a long paper on it. Why? Because it is faked. It is like the Flat Earth project: it was created to divert attention away from the real problems, and also to blackwash real researchers.

Classic NLP, folks. He goes on and on in this vein, transposing  ‘pizzagate’ and ‘flat earth’ several more times, possibly referring to me here…

A small portion of my readers are being drawn off by Flat Earth or Pizzagate. I think they will be back, once they see sense again, but until then I have to deal with some crazy emails.

‘Crazy emails,’ huh, Miles? Anyone looking into the evidence of rampant Satanism/pedophilia in the seat of Executive Power is insane, huh? Mmmm. Assuming you, kind reader, have looked into the evidence behind pizzagate, with MM’s denial of it you should now understand how important it really is (the best summation I’ve come across):

I’ll not subject you here to the actual evidence – the emails and the artwork and photos and so forth that indicate Satanism runs amok at the highest level of the United States government. (I say ‘the highest level’ because – for example – John Podesta was Clinton’s Chief of Staff. In terms of power, White House Chief of Staff is the most important non-elective position in the government: Everything the president sees or does is filtered through his Chief of Staff; plus you can assume they have the same ‘core beliefs’ about power, whence it springs, plus what should be done with it.)

(Just in case: This is another decent summation of the evidence

But wait. Is it true? Do we really, actually have Satanic pedophiles (and child murderers) running the executive branch (at the very least) of our government? The answer is Yes and I’ll tell you why it doesn’t matter if the whole affair is a psy op, which I believe it is. I pretty much know it is.

IMG_0144 copy*


Hold on. How do I pretty much know it to be an op? Because of the source of the evidence, WikiLeaks. WikiLeaks, insofar as you can relate the operation as a whole to Julian Assange, is a psy op, the most ambitious of all them, in terms of output. Julian Assange is limited hangout. Period. How do I know with such certainty? The following is from a live interview with Assange himself:

So there are conspiracies everywhere. There are also crazed conspiracy theories. It’s important not to confuse these two. Generally, when there’s enough facts about a conspiracy we simply call this news.” [Is he that dumb? Dunno, but the rest says it all.] What about 9/11? “I’m constantly annoyed that people are distracted by false conspiracies such as 9/11, when all around we provide evidence of real conspiracies, for war or mass financial fraud.”

Addendum: The same can and should be said about Edward Snowden, who actually supports the official story of 9/11, only complaining that NSA had the info in its database to ‘stop the attacks.’ He also believes the official story of the Boston Marathon Bombing. I mean… what more do you need to know?

I’ll not burn further words on Assange (or Snowden), except to say that the total of WikiLeaks (or Snowden) documents that reveal anything of import about 9/11 is zero. (One more dead giveaway is WikiLeaks’s deafening, roaring, silence on the subject of vaccines.)

To some extent the agenda of WikiLeaks is simple, though massive, misdirection – there have been no revelations that are truly earth-shaking, notwithstanding the ‘Bradley Manning’ video, which, it can be argued, was more of another ‘desensitizing’ scheme than a revelation (that innocent civilians, including children, are routinely slaughtered in Iraq).

It’s entirely possible that WikiLeaks is an aspect of the factional infighting of the PTB. But no matter who – which faction – of the PTB it is that launched WikiLeaks, I would venture that all of them use it – remember than anyone can ‘leak’ information through their system — which is a stroke of good luck for us. Imagine sort of dueling limited hangouts. ‘You say that about us, we’ll say this about you!’ Imagine what that could lead to, in terms of bean spillage.

gus me Utah copy

And indeed, the pizzagate revelations would seem to indicate this. If it is a LH, its revelations are similar to those in The Most Dangerous Book…, i.e., the importance of Satanism/the occult in the PTB’s M.O..

But, unlikely or not, we should acknowledge the possibility that pizzagate is a psy op meant from the beginning to kick start the ‘Fake News’ meme that has exploded (mostly) in the MS media, and which is leading to web censorship.

But in practicality this is actually a separate subject — because we know that the evidence is legitimate. IMO, and looking at all the evidence, it appears that the ‘Fake News’/censorship reaction to pizzagate is just that – an ad hoc reaction, most probably by one faction of the PTB to the jockeying of its competitor, much like the Snowden affair.

Really, folks, if you don’t understand that pizzagate is just the very tip of a very big and deep Satanic/occult iceberg, do a little cross-checking. Start with the Franklin cover up (Nick Bryant’s The Franklin Scandal plus the suppressed film Conspiracy of Silence plus John Decamp’s interviews), the ‘Call Boy’ White House revelations from the Bush/Reagan era, the Johnny Gosch/Jeff Gannon connection, the UK/BBC/Jimmy Savile scandal, the various Catholic Church/Penn State pedophile revelations (talk about tips of icebergs!), the recent Norway and Australian pedophile busts (covered up in the U.S. because of the association with pizzagate), and on and on. View the videos of FBI whistleblower Ted Gunderson (RIP), and Cathy O’Brien (I’ve cross-checked her incredible story and found her, and her book TRANCE-formation of America, completely credible). I’ll not provide links. Do some work, learn how to web search creatively.

Yes, it’s difficult (for some, impossible) to wrap your head around the implications of pizzagate – but if you’ve been paying real attention to world affairs (and history in the long term), it’s just another thread in a sickeningly undeniable tapestry in which the workings of real power wraps itself.


You don’t rape and murder children because you are a psychopath; in fact, I’ll go out on a limb and assert quite the contrary. It’s a religious, or rather spiritual, matter, for those engaged in Satanic rituals. Their ‘moral’ system is incomprehensible to humans like you (I hope) and me. Again, this may be impossible to wrap your head around, but I ask you to consider history. If you do some research you’ll find that child sacrifice goes as far back as history is told. And if you look into into Bohemian Grove, where the top of the PTB operatives gather (not necessarily the real PTB), you’ll find that the opening ceremony each summer involves a canticle to a 30 foot owl-god effigy called Moloch (the ceremony is called ‘The Cremation of Care’ – and involves the sacrificial cremation of a ‘child’). Here’s the Wiki opening for ‘Moloch’:

Moloch (Masoretic מֹלֶךְ mōlekGreek Μολόχ) is the Biblical name relating to a Canaanite god associated with child sacrifice.

Slab eye1



I consider the above evidence, if circumstantial, that the pizzagate revelations are true (add tons of similar open source citations). The people involved, the major ones, the ‘names,’ are guilty as charged. (By whom, you ask? Me, that’s fucking who). I don’t want to spend too much wordage on this; it’s been well done elsewhere (see the above link), so let me get to my point. I’ll just briefly list my reasoning here, aside from the Bo Grove connection, plus history/mythology itself. (One of the Wikileaks emails to Hillary Clinton contained this line: ‘I’ll sacrifice a chicken to Moloch in the back yard’ – this was for good luck — a ‘chicken’ is pedo-speak for young boy. Although Hillary is a side issue in pizzagate and she didn’t send these words… sorry, but… given her close-as-it-gets relationship to the Podestas, plus lots of other stuff….)

  1. No one has denied the evidence (I’m assuming you’ve seen the ‘artwork’ and read the emails). WikiLeaks is likely a psy op, a LH, but their information is legit. Otherwise, the accused would have denied the veracity of the emails/’artwork’, etc. That they have not is utterly damning. More recently, Podesta himself has claimed it was the Russians that hacked his email account and gave the material to WikiLeaks. Great. This is tantamount to admitting the material is genuine. (The ‘Russian’ bullshit is misdirection and irrelevant.) Whoever leaked, it means we can take the evidence at face value.

2) The Breitbart accusations. This February, 2011 tweet from independent journalist Andrew Breitbart is powerful corroborating evidence:

‘How prog-guru John Podesta isn’t household name as world class underage sex slave op cover-upperer defending unspeakable dregs escapes me.’

The date of the tweet is key (five years ago), as was Breitbart’s out-of-no where ‘heart attack’ a few months later. We don’t know what information Breitbart was holding but for me – as a grown up in this grown up world — that it never was revealed tells me that whoever killed Breitbart (without doubt an Intel agency, with one of their ‘heart attack’ ice darts) made sure the evidence would never surface. Obviously, whatever disappeared with Breitbart himself was completely separate from ‘pizzagate.’ When two completely independent lines of inquiry point the same way, take it seriously.

3). One of the establishments tied to pizzagate, a couple doors down from Comet Ping Pong, is ‘Besta’ Pizza, and which used a pedophilic logo on its menu and signs, but changed it when pizzagate ‘broke.’ (Do the googling.) The owner is Andrew Kline, a government operative who heads those looking into… guess what?… Human Trafficking… a good way to keep track of who is sniffing around, no? A coincidence? Okay, sure.

area 51 self portrait

By the way, ‘Besta’ may seem to refer to ‘Best’ but it is Portuguese for ‘Beast’ – ‘Beast’ having double meaning to occultists, i.e., the Devil himself, while also pointing at Aleister Crowley, who dubbed himself ‘The Beast.’ ‘The Beast Pizza.’

4) That the New York Times and Washington Post did transparently dishonest ‘debunks’ of pizzagate is evidence that, 1) pizzagate is for real, and 2) Our ‘newspapers of record’ are an integral part of the problem. (Duhhh…)

5) I have to bring up Bohemian Grove again, because of the sheer number of important people who take part in the ‘Cremation of Care’ opening ritual, which involves child sacrifice to the ‘god’ Moloch (see the Hillary email). This, to me, says a lot. 

Here’s the problem, and why I care not about ‘admissibility’ in court as I present you with my observations: These scum fuck child murderers will walk. It’s not against the law to write emails using pedophile code words or having pedophilic artwork in your home. (And I’m not suggesting it should be against the law.) What’s lacking is a victim – and given the ultimate power wielded by the perpetrators (consider Breitbart’s fate as one example), the chances of someone successfully coming forward is nil. With no victim, this brouhaha will eventually… fade away, and rather quickly, I fear, especially with the ‘help’ of the co-opted alt media.

That PTB, or rather some faction of it (likely the one connected to ‘Miles Mathis,’ who denies any importance to the occult), are trying to make pizzagate ‘go away’ – and they genuinely are trying – is important for our purposes, for, if I’m right about the alt media’s co-option, we should see evidence of the alt media’s suppression of the scandal. And indeed we do.



As I’ve implied, pizzagate is another good example of where the complexities lie in analyzing the co-option of the alt media, and how they serve different masters with different agendas. Again I refer to the ‘factionalization’ of the PTB.

Consider the popular ‘alt right’ op known as The Young Turks. They are worth a look, for the obviousness of their deceit. For example, the fat asshole rants:

‘46% of Trump voters believe that Hillary Clinton ran a sex ring out of a pizza shop! UNBELIEVABLE!!!’

This is a blatant example of a straw man claim – exaggerate or distort info in order to discredit it. The percentage of Trump voters he refers to believe that pizzagate is for real and deserves a formal investigation. No one has claimed that Hillary Clinton runs a sex ring of any sort (although this very well may be true). Her name is connected to the pizza shop in question via emails and documents. This is all that has been said. He also left out the fact that 18% of Clinton voters also believe that a pedophile ring has been exposed by ‘pizzagate.’ None of the horrifying evidence – emails and artwork, for example – is displayed by The Young Turks bogus report. Who (aside from the New York Times and Washington Post) but someone ‘under orders’ could come up with such horseshit distortion and censoring of evidence?

I’ve mentioned Alex Jones, whose operation has gone through an obvious shake up due to pizzagate (the ‘firing’/’quitting’/whatever of ‘journalist’ Joe Biggs, for example). Jones is not worth more wordage than this: Watch him in panicky action in virtually any pizzagate broadcast and you know he doesn’t know what the fuck to do. I suspect Jones is getting conflicting orders from different PTB ‘sponsors.’

Maybe the most disturbing piece of evidence is, partially, a mirrored report from Joe Biggs, which is worth a look even though it has not been completely verified as genuine. It’s possible that the document displayed in these videos is a ‘honey pot’ – a false ‘blockbuster’ meant to discredit the investigation – but my instinct tells me it is genuine.




I’ve already outed James Corbett as controlled op (LH) and was interested to see how he’d handle pizzagate, especially considering his outrage and extended coverage of the Jimmy Savile pedophile scandal in the UK last year, which was similar to the new one, although of much less importance. Much, much less importance. Why the over-emphasis? Because the Savile story was about a fucking dead guy, a two-bit ‘entertainer’ on the other side of the Atlantic. Pizzagate (again, I’m suspicious of the goofy moniker) involves inarguable evidence of the even worse horrendous crimes perpetrated by individuals of the highest level of our government. That Corbett made big deals of the Savile and other pedophile matters means, or should mean, that he’d be all over pizzagate. He should be the tip of the alt media spear, no?

As it turns out, Corbett, along with his close associate Sibel Edmonds, in their ‘coverage’ of pizzagate, display some of the most subtle and blatant forms of NLP in avoiding the issue while pretending to cover it.

Since the evidence is so striking and so horrifying and laden with such drastic implications, that to just ignore it would be too obvious evidence that they are under orders. So let’s take a look, first at Corbett’s November 22 podcast with his buddy, James Pilato. If you have the patience and interest, by all means view the whole video, keeping in mind my analysis that it amounts to pure NLP, i.e., part of a long term way of avoiding the issue, while pretending to ‘investigate’ it. As context: After his November 24th podcast/article and up until the day of this writing (January 4th), Corbett never again mentions pizzagate. I mean in any article or podcast or interview and he manages to put out a Corbettreport.com update on a daily basis. So that’s like 40 days of silence on the subject. Please, as I say, keep this in mind as you view the video.

YouTube Preview Image

I have not studied Pilato (according to goggle he has been silent, other than the above) so you can skip to 3:00 minutes in, when Corbett begins his stuttering on pizzagate. He goes from belittling it to seemingly taking it seriously, but the bottom line (of the podcast) is that he, Corbett, ‘will be looking into it.’ No, James, you will not, not as of January 4th.

Here’s the headline of Corbettreport.com’s webpage a couple days later, November 24:

Reddit Bans #Pizzagate Investigation. The Corbett Report Continues It.

Sounds like Corbett is serious about pizzagate, doesn’t it? Problem is, as stated above, this page is the last word you will hear or read from James Corbett on Pizzagate for… well, in 2016. Again, Corbett has completely avoided mention of Pizzagate in any forum or medium…

One way NLP works is this: You SCREAM in 24 point font that you’re going to do something you should do, as in ‘Corbett Report Continues it’ (the investigation) then just… don’t do it. Don’t continue the investigation. Who’s gonna notice?

But let’s go to the page.

Again, by all means watch the whole video (on the page), keeping in mind that you will not hear another word about pizzagate. Normally well-spoken on screen, James seems to stutter through his video but even putting that observation aside, at 0:45 in, he’s telling us to go to Redditt for more on pizzagate – he doesn’t want to ‘steal their thunder’ apparently. What? What kind of bullshit excuse is that to not cover a story?… But… ‘Oooops,’ says Corbett, Reditt has banned their investigation, sooooo Corbettreport.com will ‘continue on with it’ and ‘take up the slack.’ Really? How? At 2:30 in James tells us how: Use the comments section of that day’s webpage! What a great way to investigate a story – or, rather, to avoid investigating it, or even mentioning it.

The real revelation came when I sucked in my gut and with a long sigh, examined the Comment section, which, as of today (still the 4th) has 214 entries. Sounds impressive, like a lot of investigating is going on. A couple or so problems, though…

One is that only the 20 or so folks (real or not) who contribute to the page will, at least in the long run, read it. Corbett manages (somehow) to do an update every day, so any given update fades quickly into… cyber-history. (His amazing output is another problem with his credibility, especially that he ‘singlehandedly’ made three full-length documentary films while keeping up on his updates.)



Although some of the comments are of interest (especially the first one), they trickle off in content and, guess what? Well, I’ve already told you a couple of times: Corbett adds nothing to his… ‘open source investigation.’ Even when he’s outright challenged:

karl.h says:

11/26/2016 at 7:52 pm

Hi James,

I don’t know if you’ve read my other comments, but I’m very doubtful about most of the claims made in this ‘scandal’. I’ve debunked some of them in previous comments. I think this ‘scandal’ is one of the biggest loads of crap I’ve ever seen. A great example of mass hysteria, paranoia, ignorance and witch-huntery.

No reply from James; he is in fact conspicuous in his absence from his own ‘investigation.’ Since Corbett has nothing whatever to say, we should assume that he’s part of the op to ‘make it go away.’

…Or how about this:

wikiworldorder says:

12/10/2016 at 12:21 pm

For what it’s worth, I’ve been to Comet a few times in the past five years with my parents (we’re all adults). I was never looking with critical eyes when I went, but I remember it having quite delicious food, a fun atmosphere, and being pretty hip for that neighborhood. So as a DC native, I can at least confirm that has indeed a popular local spot.

…No comeback, James? But James has some real fans, too. Like this guy:

HomeRemedySupply says:

12/02/2016 at 11:30 am

Important Blueprint for Pedophilia Research

I want to again encourage folks to watch Corbett’s 2015 pedophilia open source investigation…

YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92T6cVlXcyg
Links – https://www.corbettreport.com/political-pedophilia-an-open-source-investigation/


HomeRemedySupply says:

11/29/2016 at 10:34 am

– Resource for Sleuthing –

Connecting the names of past known pedophiles to Podesta or Pizzagate potentially may open a door.

CorbettReport has some great search capabilities.
Corbett’s January 2015 Open Source Investigation into Pedophiles

Problem with this comment is that it just reminds us that Corbett is interested in ‘political pedophilia’ (in 2015)… except when he’s not. Except when it reaches into the highest level of the U.S. government. Strange that minor/foreign pedophiles are of such intense interest but… hey, maybe ‘someone’ suggested he lay off it on this one… That’s my theory.

Actually, my favorite Comment is this one: 

HomeRemedySupply says:

12/01/2016 at 12:24 am

Sibel Edmonds on Podesta, blackmail, pedophilia and whistleblowers Insightful!



I like the above Comment by ‘HomeRemedySupply’ because it’s such a good segue (as any nonfiction writer will tell you, good segues are to be cherished). The link he finds so ‘Insightful!’ is a complete crock of shit by Corbett’s close buddy (and fellow shill), Sibel Edmonds. In fact, I’ll embed it here, rather than have you click the link:

If you go to its Youtube page you’ll notice the title, in big ol’ 24 point font:

Newsbud on the Record: The Podesta Scandal & the Importance of Media Integrity!!!!! [Wordpress won’t do it]

As with Corbett, Edmonds is screaming out that which the video is not about while apparently doing the oppositethis is NLP 101. As you’ll see, Sibel completely evades the subject in her headline…

Edmonds actually beats Corbett in the NLP game with this one, in that not only does she never deal with pizzagate again (as of today, January 4th), but manages to avoid it completely in this video! Bravo!

Let’s give it a look. Thirty seconds in, Spiro mentions all the emails they’ve been getting (he avoids using the word ‘pizzagate,) and asks Sibel for her take (on Pizzagate). It really is worth your time to listen to Sibel’s full 15 minutes reply, just to see a master at NLP at work, especially toward the end. I’ll just point out a few instructive moments.

Immediate subject change. Right up front, she’s telling us ‘look over here!’ (the election) in a way that sets up her over all avoidance of the question – you must keep in mind that she’s been asked for her take on pizzagate. See if you can find even one real reference to it…

IMG_1256 copy

At 1:20 in, she comes as close as she ever will (from then, November 11, to today, January 4th) to the question. Listen how she avoids it while sort of referring to it… what she does is quite brilliant: claiming that the incoming emails list her past accomplishments, which she then lists, while continually swerving away from the question asked, i.e., her take on pizzagate. 

At 2:00 in she pulls a classic NLP move by answering the question via pure misdirection. Why hasn’t she talked about it? Answer: She just did! (Notice the hint of hostility, sort of ‘Whaddar ya, stupid?’)

She then goes on further with her list of ‘accomplishments’ – many of which are real, by the way. Sibel Edmonds has exposed worthwhile information, such as how judges and so forth are picked for their ‘blackmail-ability.’ A successful LH op must give some useful and true information. But here, as Sibel gives her cv, the pizzagate question fades into… what were we talking about?

If we skip to 3:25 we’ll find a little slip up, and how Sibel recovers from it. The moment is the pause after she says, ‘I want to clarify what is happening here in the most simple way….’ The long beat there is Sibel figuring out her next move, and she’s stumped. So after a semi-hostile ‘Look…’ she merely continues her list of past triumphs (going back to 2002)….

We can skip all the way to 8:16 (trust me, you’ll not miss a word about pizzagate) and find how discover she winds up her total misdirection monolog – and this is more NLP — with…hostility! She starts her rant by proclaiming she is not going to ‘rehash’ this subject (a subject she has yet to mention!). I’ll just reiterate a few lines — delivered with disdain toward the listener.

(At about 9:25 there is an hilarious moment when Spiro agrees with Sibel, saying, ‘You covered that, uhh, as well as it could be covered. That’s all there is to be said about that.’)

But Sibel isn’t finished yet: she’s on a hostile misdirection roll:

‘…we don’t do the things to be popular…’ (In other words, anyone asking about her take on pizzagate is a sheeple)

‘…if we wanted to be popular we’d be like these monkeys, these idiot monkeys…’ (With her sneer and sarcastic tone she’s saying, ‘If you’re wondering why I didn’t answer the question, you’re one of those ‘idiot monkeys!’)

‘…nothing but Hillary Clinton, Trump, Trump, Hillary Clinton…(blah blah blah)’ (Saying, ‘If you think I’ve changed the subject – even though I was never on the subject, you’re one of them!’)

‘…screw that (bleep) we don’t do that, we don’t play games (bleep)..’ (She’s on a real roll now: Anyone wondering why Sibel doesn’t cover pizzagate or even mention it is not a serious researcher or even person.)

IMG_2119 copy

‘Our audience are very selective…’ (Her mellow tone saying ‘It’s all right now, I really do like you.’)

…’you want popularity, get out of here! Go find somewhere else!…’ (Back to hostility with a warning: ‘I like you but don’t slip up.’ Like by wondering why she avoided the question for 10 or so minutes.)

‘With that, let’s talk about our Kickstarter Campaign.’ If Sibel has been successful, not only did you not notice her misdirection, but her NLP has guilted you (for doubting her) into sending money. And so forth…

I hope you’ve paid a bit of attention here. Writing has gotten difficult these days; if you’ve gotten this far it’d be nice if the work had some effect, even if (with certain of you) it was only aggravation. But anyway, if you have a different interpretation of Sibel’s video – why she misdirects us from start to finish (her instructions are to make pizzagate ‘go away’) – or about anything else I’ve said here, I’m all ears.

(Juuust in case there is someone out there who is still reading but who has not seen my edited version of Corbett’s Kuala Lumpur speech, I’m going to embed it below. If you know anything at all about 9/11, this will tell you all you need to know about Corbett’s ‘root’ agenda, i.e., for whom he really works.

YouTube Preview Image

There were more than 300 comments on this video before anyone brought up the ‘Flight 77’ repetition issue. You should find this fact frightening. Also, if you have any doubt about Corbett’s being dirty, give this link a look – it proves beyond any doubt that Corbett is a liar, and about the very issue we’re dealing with.

Before I sign off, though, let me wrap up a few things.

Regarding Edmonds/Corbett as examples: when you ‘out’ an individual (as an agent of the state), pay close attention to those they are associated with. Once I knew Corbett was dirty, I started looking at those he works closely with and found ‘tells’ aplenty. (Does anyone think it’s a coincidence that James Evan Pilato – Corbett’s weekly news-foil — has been as quiet about pizzagate as Corbett and Edmonds? What do they have in common? Same handler. I’d bet a valued possession on it.)

Although it’s tempting, to make a list here (of state operatives) would be counterproductive, I think… Wait…

Holy shit. Right: Now we’re back to my use of ‘virtually’ and ‘completely’ as a compound adverb without having my writer’s head up his ass – in referring to the alt media being ‘virtually under the complete control of the PTB.’ (This was at the start of Part One.)


How to keep my head out of my ass… Lemme think… I gotta go through the back door (so to speak)…

That there are ‘alt media’ folks who are blaring their asses off about pizzagate – some of them doing a bang up job, too — leaves us with two possibilities, and I believe there are only two:

Their handlers have a different agenda than the handlers of, say, Corbett/Edmonds, and their ilk (Alex Jones and The Young Turks being examples, although, as I say, Jones appears to be getting conflicting instructions).


This is where the ‘virtually’ under the ‘complete control’ kicks in. What else did I say up top? Something about how surreal things have gotten, I think. (Actually, it’s this surreality that explains, or at least mitigates, my head/ass problem, but that’s the easy way out, so never mind…)

The best way to explain is to bring up a specific example of how we’ve descended into the surreal and out of control and nonsensical and fucked up. The pizzagate video I recommended above was done by a fellow named Marty Leeds, a very intelligent and thoughtful guy, it would appear, and a skillful videographer (his site is martyleeds33.com). He’s very aware of the implications of pizzagate, it appears, hence his slick and smart video on the subject.

See, thing is, Marty Leeds is obviously no good. He’s working for the other side. A LH/shill/govt agent/etc. How do I know this?

Marty Leeds made a very popular flat earth video called Flat Earth, The Ultimate Litmus Test, which has gotten over 500,000 hits. Half a million. It gets 5 to 1 in thumbs up/down, in favor of up, which is especially revealing re Marty’s NLP skills. It’s unfortunate for us here and now on this post that my flat earth essay is yet to come because what it will show is that not only is the earth a sphere, but anyone who claims to be a diligent researcher and anyone who is as smart and educated as Marty Leeds will know it’s a sphere. As I say in Part One, Flat Earth is a major PTB psy op. Anyone who makes a slick, efficient pro flat earth video is almost by definition a LH scum fuck government operative. I left a comment on Leeds’s video, which is currently the ‘Top Comment.’ I’ll paste it:

A.C. Weisbecker2 months ago

Yes NASA lies about mostly everything. That this means FE violates more logical fallacies than I can count. Now:

On thehighersidechat you admitted that the Tesla quote is untrue. So why not put a flag on the video admitting it? Or in the Notes? You continue this… lie… is what it is. [I refer to his interview, at 41:20 minutes in. Given his blabbing about science and civility and honesty, what excuse could he have for not correcting it?]

I’m an old time celestial navigator. Many times I’ve ‘Dipped the light’, which proves a curved sea surface.

This is in my 2000 book In Search of Captain Zero, so it’s not ad hockery.

There are several ’round the world ocean yacht races, which – if the earth is flat — means that the hundreds who did this amazing feat, are all in on the conspiracy, since they sailed south of the three great capes, a distance of about 12,000 miles, NOT 60,000 MILES, as you would have it. See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lh2hTPqdojk

The route is shown in the beginning. If FE it would be years to do that route. The record is now 78 days. Impossible with FE. Here’s what Miles Mathis says of people like you, and altho I do not trust him, his limited hangout is exactly true in this case:


‘There are many Antis working right now, literally hundreds of them on Youtube alone. That is what the whole Flat Earth thing is about. Have you noticed you can’t research anything on Youtube without being assaulted with the Flatpromotion? Well, they are doing exactly the same thing Mullins did. One, tell you the truth about NASA, which is that it has faked a large amount of its publicity in the past. Two, they list all the lies of NASA. Three, they start talking about the Flat Earth, saying that is the main thing NASA is hiding from you. So they have just blackwashed themselves in plain sight.The Flat Earth promotion is just like the Hitler promotion: they know no one with any sense will buy it. But they are hoping you will link Flat Earth promotion to criticism of NASA. They want you to think that anyone who criticizes NASA or the mainstream story in any way is a Flat Earth nut. They are hoping you wash both babies out with the same bathwater, and that is what many people are doing.’

What you count on is that few will actually go to the beach and watch ships appear over the horizon from the top down, the hull last — which I am doing right now at Galveston harbor.

Also, give me an email and I’ll send photos proving what BS FE is, that I took yesterday. I don’t know what you are, but what I’d like to know is how you live with yourself. Is it really worth the money? But just deal with the yacht race and tell me that these incredible sailors are all lying to fool us. Christ….

As slick and efficient as Ultimate Litmus Test is, if you really pay attention you’ll find it profoundly dishonest, in specific and factual ways (aside from the Tesla quote), ways that Leeds is completely aware of, which I will show you in the upcoming post. For now, I ask you to trust me on the inarguable dishonesties in Leeds’s video. And again, it’s not possible for a diligent researcher to actually believe that the earth is flat. I really will prove this, and that FE is a psy op, if you hang in.


Worse than his Flat Earth video, if you listen to the interview linked to above… it’s nauseating the way Leeds blabs on and on about the Quest for Truth that life is, and on and on and on. (On second thought, child torture, murder, and pedophilia is worse than hypocrisy on this level, but not much…)

Marty Leeds works for the other side, so just in principal how can I recommend a video by him? This is the essential conundrum. My own answer to this is of course this: Leeds being a LH, he has to give us good and true and important information, to hook us and get us to believe his lies. I know this, and hope you were already thinking this. (Ditto Miles Mathis and many others.)

But what worries me most – and this is partially why I’ve been so silent for so long – is that maybe I’m wrong. It’s not just Marty Leeds, although he is a good example. Forget for now that the earth really is spherical: what I’m talking about is what Marty Leeds believes.

See, if Marty Leeds is actually an honest person who honestly believes the earth is flat – given his intellect and researching skills – then the trouble we’re in is much deeper, much more profound than I want to think. (When I say ‘Marty Leeds’ I mean all those like him.) One would think that our having Satanic child murderers at the top of our power pyramid is about as bad as it could get.

I disagree. A world wherein Marty Leeds believes in Flat Earth is much worse.

Thanks again to those who’ve hung in with me. If you found this essay worthwhile, please spread it around, along with Part One. Aside from spreading some good info, assist me in bumming out those who deserve it.


Just before sending this out, something occurred to me: In that clip I made up top, about algorithms, I believe they let something slip. For your cell phone to know you just drove over a pothole… implies it knows where you are and that you are in a car. It knows this stuff on a constant, real time basis. Otherwise, how would it (or rather ‘they’) know about the pothole? And it must be doing this with everyone. all the time And of course they are recording and archiving everything the mic can pick up. I mean: a fucking pothole?  Please think about this, especially regarding my observation that the alt media is a creation of the PTB.