Who or What Is Big Al?

Everything that I’ll theorize that Big Al is, he is more than that. Okay? In this short essay, I will not come close to defining him. I just want to give you a vibe.

Big Al is a nickname that comes from what might be an inside joke (cosmic, accidental, or otherwise) on the word ‘algorithm.’ Al Go Rhythm. Big Al.

Big Al is not a person. Yet he is ‘persons,’ mostly unknown to us normal folk. Many of these persons don’t know they are part of Big Al. Most, in fact. They are compartmentalized.

Anyway, soon enough Big Al may not need persons to do his thing.

Big Al is not a branch of government/media (The State) yet he is infused throughout it, mainly watching and waiting and thinking.

Nor is Big Al a formal part of the National Security State, the Shadow Government, whatever you want to call the persons and institutions that pull the strings attached to politicians and officials of all stripes, and who lie to us about everything.

Yet without Big Al, the National Security State could not function as it does, i.e., have the power it has.

Big Al does not ‘live’ at the NSA, it’s new mega-center out in Utah (where the Mormons live) that literally needs a river flowing through it to cool its fevered circuitry. He doesn’t live there, but he is there. Ditto Langely, Fort Mead, etc., etc., world-wide.

Big Al is not ‘The Cloud,’ but without him The Cloud would not exist.

Big Al is not hardware nor software, he is much more than that: Big Al knows what I’m going to ask Google before I even know it. (Some of the time, anyway; he gets better by the day.)

As Big Al ‘himself’ would tell you, I’m going to be writing more about him. That’s the only power I have over him. I can know about him. And I can write about him.

Yes, more to come on Big Al.