What Happened To Allan?

Hi folks,

To those who have been wondering what happened to me (my long silence), I can only say you’ll have to figure it out via the subtext of my next few posts, which should be coming quickly and voluminously.

It’s not like I haven’t been writing. I have been; the problem has been one of coherency. The situation, our situation, has gotten so convoluted and so out of control and so surreal and so fucked up, my fear is that nothing I write will even be in the realm of true expression, as I see it… permit me to ramble a bit…

IMG_0512 copy

A partial indication of my state of mind…

…I’ve been… frozen up. Not exactly writer’s block – as I say, I’ve been writing plenty, but just the thought of organizing/presenting it gives me the shakes (literally)… and the conclusions I’ve come to are… extreme… I’m also angry… but fuck, I am really angry.

Part of the reason I mention my anger is that right now as I begin this (mid December) I’m in the midst of an email exchange with a guy named David Weiss, the latest scum fuck from the flat earth… ‘movement.’ By ‘scum fuck’ I mean Internet liar/shill under the employ of the PTB (not everyone who believes in FE is a scum fuck, just those who do slick videos and blogs in support of it). Weiss is such a stereotypic example of… of what he is, plus there is something so aggravating about him and his delivery, that he actually goosed me into this current attempt at crafting a coherent post. So if this post pisses you off, email Weiss your hostility – his website is… DITRH.com, for Deep Inside the Rabbit Hole. (He’s so aggravating that I labeled him in conversation with a friend as ‘A New York Jew,’ which is very unlike me.)

Since my last post I’ve been forced to come to the conclusion that the ‘alt media’ (‘research community’/whatever) is virtually under the complete control of the PTB. I added ‘virtually’ as an obvious (and half-assed) hedge, meant to somehow offset the emphasis on ‘complete,’ given that in some sense I am some sort of ‘alt media’ and I’m not under anyone’s control – as far as I know. But aside from my buddy Joachim and one other person, I’m at the point now where I’m not sure about anyone else. If you stick with me over this and upcoming posts, you’ll perhaps understand how I can transpose ‘virtually’ and ‘complete’ (with emphasis) as a (split) compound adverb and not have my writer’s head up my ass.

huya pic2

Another example, related to David Weiss: Many of you know of Sofia Smallstorm, who has exposed various government ops, starting with 9/11 and on to Sandy Hook, plus chemtrails, and so forth. Well, sorry to say, but she’s no good either. I’ll come back to her later and show you how I know this, but a start is that Smallstorm referred to Weiss as ‘a friend’ in this interview, and Weiss has bragged likewise. (Don’t go that link now as it may spoil your day before you read the rest of this post.)

Addendum (Dec. 30): I’ll cover flat earth and Weiss/Smallstorm in my next post – I want to get this out before 2017 (I know, I didn’t make it) and won’t have time/space for it/them here. FE is actually an important ‘tell’ in the workings/thinkings of the PTB. As promised, I’ll also be covering ‘Miles Mathis,’ but not in this post. Ironically, however, I’ll use a quote from MM to sum up what FE is:

‘There are many Antis working right now, literally hundreds of them on Youtube alone [‘anti’ means govt shill/LH, like MM himself]. That is what the whole Flat Earth thing is about. Have you noticed you can’t research anything on Youtube without being assaulted with the Flat promotion? Well, they are doing exactly the same thing Mullins did. One, tell you the truth about NASA, which is that it has faked a large amount of its publicity [being a govt shill, he couldn’t bring himself to say ‘missions’] in the past. Two, they list all the lies of NASA. Three, they start talking about the Flat Earth, saying that is the main thing NASA is hiding from you. So they have just blackwashed themselves in plain sight: they know no one with any sense will buy it. But they are hoping you will link Flat Earth promotion to criticism of NASA. They want you to think that anyone who criticizes NASA or the mainstream story in any way is a Flat Earth nut. They are hoping you wash both babies out with the same bathwater, and that is what many people are doing.’

Yes, I'm still on the road...

Yes, I’m still on the road…

The above is a great example of how a deep limited hangout (LH) works (Smallstorm appears to be another example). MM is telling you an important truth here – one reason I’m quoting him is that I couldn’t have said it (much) better myself. Anyone out there thinking of unsubscribing because you like FE/Smallstorm/Weiss/Miles Mathis, I ask you to hang in for my next post, then go ahead and unsubscribe. (Actually, if you like Weiss you may as well unsubscribe now. Btw, my FE debunks are new, unique to me, inarguable, and you can reproduce them yourself. So if being a FEer is part of your mental health, you should likewise unsubscribe now.)

I started this line of inquiry back in August when I realized that the Web persona known as ‘Miles Mathis’ (milesmathis.com) was a high-grade government, deep psy op, a limited hangout (LH) operation that includes some extraordinary truths with its propagandistic lies and misdirections. In gathering evidence to prove this fact to you all I kept coming across others of his ilk, like the two mentioned above. It’s gotten ridiculous, to the point where I started to doubt my own judgment. So I did some ‘stuttering’ and ‘throat clearing’ and ‘misfiring’ – I have about half dozen blog ‘starts’ that never saw the light; few got past about 500 words. (Thanks for emails of concern and also to those who keep sending ‘gas money’ each month; your patience is a comfort. Really.)

Let me back up a bit, make a point or two for context, and I’ll try to keep it simple and brief. I only ask you to put on your critical thinking caps, pay attention, and hang in with me for a bit. I’m about to tell you some important things you have not heard elsewhere.



We (in the U.S.) have had an ‘election’ and Donald Trump is to be our new President. The mainstream media, in its run up to the election, did not see this coming, having predicted a Hillary Clinton landslide. You all know this; we don’t need to deal with the MS media much here. If you’re reading this, you already know about them, the basics; they have gotten to the point where they satirize themselves. (The Onion being a PTB op, the only ‘truth’ site that accurately satirizes them is nworeporter.com.)

donut earth1

Check out Donut Earth at nworeporter.com

But how about the alt media? How have they been handling information dissemination on the election? (By ‘alt media’ I generally mean news/current events/history sites that claim to depend solely on individual donations.)

This is our subject matter for now (the ‘election’ and the alt media) and keep in mind I’m saying that… virtually all of them are in some sense out to mislead you, via mixing good information (the hook) with misdirection and outright untruths, undoubtedly for the PTB. They are limited hangouts (LH). Many are very subtle and skillful; they are masters of NLP. This is my assertion, and which I have to prove. (As I very briefly define NLP: A highly manipulative use of language wherein a lie is planted in the victim’s subconscious while the apparent subject is something else altogether. The best single example I can think of is still James Corbett’s speech at the Kuala Lumpur 9/11 Truth wingding in 2012.)

Now let’s define the Powers That Be, their paymasters. The PTB/the Deep State/the Elite/the Oligarchs/whatever. How do we point a finger here? Name names? For lack of specific evidence I can’t do that but how about this for a simple, all inclusive operational definition: The Powers That Be are those from whom no knowledge is kept.

In other words, the PTB is the only entity that is not compartmentalized on any important issue. (We should consider ourselves, you and me, compartmentalized on all important issues.)

The old one ‘Knowledge is power’ is spot on, but using the adage as I have necessitates a little refining. See, to define the PTB based on what they do – say, decide who will be our next president, is too limiting, and may be inaccurate. That ‘decision,’ although probably made at the top of their power structure, is undoubtedly implemented a tier or even two down. Ditto with any other ‘power’-making action, such as waging war. In fact, many of the ‘important’ decisions are undoubtedly made lower down. Details. The power/cabal/whatever I’m talking about is potentially above the sorts of pay grades that might appear to be in charge.

Those from whom no knowledge is kept.

Since the PTB are a group or more than one group that undoubtedly have disagreements among them – this will come up again and again – we also have to take into account the complexity of that sort of power, i.e., that there might be minor ‘secrets’ among them; I’m trying to simplify here, hopefully to make a worthwhile point. (Experience has shown me that I will not change anyone’s mind with these essays/videos but I know for sure that I will aggravate a few alt media scum fucks, the idea of which makes me smile – I consider LH ‘truth’ types to be the lowest form of human life, even lower than the pedophiles we’ll come to later.)

IMG_0266 copy 2

If you agree that the above is a good definition of the PTB (by ‘good’ I mean there are no exceptions while being sufficiently specific), then let’s now analyze the alt media, and we’ll use the recent ‘election’ as our litmus test re who’s really on our side and who isn’t — who is deceitful and who isn’t. Here’s a summation of the alt media’s reaction to the victory of Donald Trump:



The idea that Trump’s election was a surprise to the PTB is all but universal among those who claim to be telling us the real truth, although there are differences in emphasis and phraseology. There are also minor differences in motives given for the actions of the PTB, plus the motives of the MS media. A quick example: I just listened to an interview with Professor James Fetzer on the Richie Allan Show. Fetzer’s theory is that the vote was rigged by the PTB for Hillary Clinton, but the good old ‘American people’ defeated their dastardly plans, swamped the rigged vote, and opted for ‘The Donald,’ i.e., the ‘real thing,’ according to Professor Fetzer.

I know Fetzer pretty well. We had drinks and laughs together a few years ago at the Philadelphia ‘Open Your Mind’ wingding, back before I’d done most of my serious digging, and we’ve been in touch ever since. I’ve been on his The Real Deal show many times. Although we’ve often disagreed on things, I did not realize who/what Fetzer really is until recently. His lunatic acceptance of the AGW (anthropogenic global warming) Hoax always bothered me but I took it as a glitch in his thinking and no more, and gave him a pass.

Then this Trump thing came up and I realized Fetzer was behind ‘The Donald’ 100%, no caveats or warnings about what might really be going on, i.e., that Trump is a puppet, a plant, on the same level as Obama. When (via email and phone) I made a few observations – really obvious stuff, phrased with respect – and he had no come back, he lost his cool and told me to ‘Piss off!’

You'd think I'd mellow out with constant views like this.

You’d think I’d mellow out with constant views like this.

The ‘piss off’ rejoinder came in response to my pointing out that he has often admitted that Obama ‘fooled’ him totally. I merely asked if he wasn’t worried that it would happen again with Trump – the old one, ‘fool me once, shame on you…etc.’ comes to mind. ‘Piss off!’ Mmmm. Is there a logical fallacy around here somewhere? Why would Professor Fetzer behave this way?

I bring up Fetzer merely as an example, remember. Something of this sort happens every time I bring up a certain subject (a ‘tell’) with some ‘name’ alt media figure (the subject various with each ‘name’). You might remember my correspondence with the Secret Space Program speakers, how none of them would answer a simple question. Never, not once, was I disagreeable or accusatory with any of them, yet something like the Fetzer reaction ended our ‘relationship’ in each case – this always happens when I perceive that something is ‘wrong’ with someone, and, in a mellow and respectful way, I broach up the subject. (Actually, what happens is this: I broach the subject, then, using misdirection, they fail to respond, then I point out that they haven’t responded, then they end the relationship, claiming that I am ‘disagreeable’ or ‘accusatory’ as an excuse to cut off communications – Smallstorm is just the latest to do this.)

Bear with me, here, please. This is going somewhere, at least for those who take their information sources seriously; whom to trust.



The mainstream media had to be thrown under the bus to accomplish the ‘election plan,’ but the PTB were more than ready for that, for two reasons: One, they knew that a certain percentage of the populace will not ever accept the fact that the MS media is an integral part of the PTB (and that the PTB perceive us as ‘useless eaters,’ etc.). Never. What percentage? Since you cannot trust the polls, my guess of 50% is just that, a guess, but it surely is in the ballpark. The other reason we know that the MS media sacrifice was part of the plan is the following: The alt media is a creation of the PTB; it’s under their control in the same basic way the MS media is, so the MS media ‘audience loss’ was merely passed on. If you’re thinking that all the Youtubers and bloggers can’t be psy ops/LH, you’re right. Like me, and like… someone else. But what percentage of the population is listening to me and… someone else? Negligible to say the least. We don’t count. We’re a joke in a grand scheme.

I mean, look at… Alex Jones, say. In general, as a controlled op (or psy op) LH gatekeeper, he’s become so obvious that it’s comical (he sure is the image of an older, fatter, obnoxious Bill Hicks, but that’s another subject). Look at the way he’s handling… ‘pizzagate.’ (I don’t know to what extent pizzagate is an op, but as a limited hangout it’s… a fucking doozy; more on this later.) I’ll leave you to take a look at Jones’s panicky pizzagate rants but as soon as he, or anyone, says something like, ‘There’s something wrong here… but…’…but?… But nothing. As soon as they say ‘but’ that’s that, folks. They’re following orders (to debunk or pooh pooh it), orders not easy to obey with a straight face, given the evidence. (I’ll prove this below, although this should do it if you’re not already convinced of its importance.) Then there are the alt media folks who attempt to avoid the subject altogether; an important tell, again, considering the evidence and the their implications. (Yep, more to come…)

Same guy? If so, a big step down.

Same guy? If so, a big step down.

To understand my point, let’s remember what (I hope) we agree upon: The PTB have access to all information. Right? I mean, really. This should not be an issue of contention here. But what does it mean and how does it relate to the election?



Remember Edward Snowden, plus those ‘whistleblowers’ (some of whom, unlike Snowden, were not LH, IMO) who preceded him? The stuff about NSA, what they do and have been doing, surveillance-wise?

Please pretend I have you by the shoulders and am (gently) shaking you: Do you remember any of that? I ask this because it appears that none of the alt media remember it.

Just in case you too have forgotten, I’ll sum it up, and please keep in mind that the PTB have technology at least 30 years ahead of anything you’ve even heard of. (Do some googling if you doubt this.)

In a nutshell: The NSA’s illegal database (see my essay on Snowden) contains archives of everything you have done online or electronically (including cell phone calls/text messages) for at least the last decade and a half, probably much longer.

IMG_1067 copy

There is no doubt about this, according to documents and testimony from not only Snowden but other NSA insiders — Russell Tice, Edward Binney, Thomas Drake, for example — the NSA seizes and archives everything, and they have been doing this since before 9/11. Sorry to repeat, but it’s important.

If you think storage is a problem, take a gander at NSA’s very own website. One million square feet (that they admit to), and that doesn’t count going upwards (how high can they stack their storage devices?), or the Fort Meade complex or someplace they aren’t talking about. Here’s what I know: My Gopro camera memory chip is the size of my pinkie nail and it can hold Lawrence of Arabia in hi def wide screen, or somewhere around 200,000 pages of text. Not that the PTB are likely to print them up, but how many of your emails, say, does this imply? And assuming that storage is a technology like any other, imagine 30 years from now… That’s what they have, i.e., for practical purposes, unlimited storage. So I ask you: Why wouldn’t they store everything they record?


By the way, I assume you know that your cell phone is a bugging device that can only be shut off by removing the battery. You know that, right? Ditto your laptop; ditto most recent TVs and even many appliances. When was the last time you had a conversation out of range of one of these devices? If you think I’m being paranoid, you haven’t done your homework. As all the whistleblowers and documents tell us, they suck up everything for archival, so their algorithms have it for analyses. Check out this short video. It literally says it all, from the horses’ mouth:


YouTube Preview Image

A scary aspect of that video is that I put it up about three years ago. As of today, 503 hits. One comment, an appropriate one: ‘Scary.’ Scary? Well, I reached one person, anyway. One person understood the implications – and maybe thought about why that FBI guy spilled those beans, twice (on two shows), which means he was told to tell us all our phones are tapped and all calls archived. Why? (More on this later.)

Re the above video: Since your Net gear, all of it, is set up for bugging (as in ‘bugging a room’), why would you doubt that they do the same with your conversations? Regarding storage and computational pizzazz: one reason they’ve put the new data center in outback Utah, aside from geographical seclusion (they don’t want you driving by it as a reminder on the way to work): They needed a good sized river nearby to keep the circuits from overheating. A fucking river. Think about that. (Did you ever wonder about Youtube’s storage capacity, and how they keep it growing by need? Just asking…)

A tiny tiny example...

A tiny tiny example…

Addendum: Click to enlarge the little bugger above this text. See the Yahoo-ad to the right of my email? Okay, I keep an eye on these ads to understand how the algorithms work (data sharing by the govt/private sector is a given). I’ve never had a dog-related ad come up before (I would have noticed.) This one came up as I was signing ‘allan.’ Coincidence? Pu-lease. My point is the lightning speed with which Yahoo’s algorithm worked. Like two seconds was all it took to analyze ‘walking the dog’ then nail me with a dog-related ad – what shocked me was the speed, considering all the cyber-details that had to go through the system. This is what Yahoo uses on a casual daily basis. Imagine the algorithm NSA has grinding away at Fort Meade, to keep track of what you’re thinking and doing. (They would have long known I have a dog except I pay cash for groceries [dog food] and refuse any sort of ‘Rewards Card,’ which is a database dangle)…



Having unlimited storage, all that remained was to develop algorithms, another aspect of technology in which they are at least 30 years ahead of whatever you can imagine. If you don’t understand that they have an algorithm to predict voting behavior… sorry, but… we are now in the realm of downright stupidity. Sorry. (A few minutes ago I explained this to a very intelligent and educated and very awake person who said, Yeah, but they don’t know how accurate it [the algorithm] is. Jesus Christ, was what I was thinking. I mean, if you think this – that they don’t know down to the .001% of how accurate their data-out will be – then you really should do some homework.

Addendum: The above person came back an hour (of googling) later and said, simply, ‘You’re probably right.’ He gave me this link, which he had just found; he also emailed me this quote from the link:

“We describe the design and use of the Stanford Core NLP toolkit, an extensible pipeline that provides core natural language analysis. This toolkit is quite widely used, both in the research NLP community and also among commercial and government users of open source NLP technology…” [Right: Stanford is spook central and immediately adjacent to Silicon Valley.]

Although every aspect of the above paragraph is heavy with horrifying subtext, I added emphasis to remind you what NLP is. Which is mind control. How to lie to you and affect your behavior without your knowing it. And remember, this document is only what they are allowing you to know. (Yes, I’ve wandered a bit off-subject, but it’s unlikely you’ve heard any of this elsewhere so I’m perhaps hammering a bit hard. Oh, and yes, that you haven’t heard most of this elsewhere is… sort of the meta-point here. Why haven’t you heard it before?)

IMG_0629 copy 2

Last year I while at the Bay of Fundy I had a sit-down with a young Dutchman on vacation, a computer whiz working under U.S. government contract (he evaded the issue of which agency). He told me that his colleagues had mastered key-stoke identification (knowing who is at a keyboard via their typing rhythm), and were working on what he called ‘a personal flux dynamics’ (something like that) algorithm for cell phones. This beaut would identify a cell phone user by the way he/she holds and handles a cell phone. You know how cell phones have little gyros inside, to flip the screen from vertical to horizontal? Well, they use that information (plus keystroke idiosyncrasies) to know who is using what cell phone. Would come in handy for drone assassinations, no? Also useful in linking people, i.e., who knows who via phone borrowing. All sorts of stuff. (I bring this up merely as an example of how serious these motherfuckers are.)

Do you really doubt that they bug and archive your conversations?



This is getting long, so let me get back to the point (in fact this post is Part One), albeit redundantly: If the PTB wanted to know how the election would turn out (and this is under the comedic assumption that it wasn’t rigged from the ground up), it could do so via access to the NSA database, a password or two, and a few ‘play-it-like-a-Steinway’ key strokes. (‘The NSA database’ as I refer to it undoubtedly combines many databases; I’m short-handing here.) In any event, given the data they have on you, how difficult would it be to figure out if you’re going to vote and if so, who for? Really.

Now we can talk about the alt media and maybe ask ourselves who of all of them has pointed out the connection between the election returns and the NSA database. Any that you can think of? Any that said words to the effect that ‘The PTB knew everything about the election before it happened’?

I can’t think of any. Can’t find any and I’m trying… trying…

Among other search attempts, I googled ‘nsa database + predict 2016 presidential election’ and guess what? Not a single link on the first four pages mentioned anything at all about the possibility, let alone utter surety, that the database was used to predict how the population would vote. This surprised even me. I mean, no one?

Please ask yourself why whatever alt media persona you trust – or at least listen to — told you that the PTB didn’t see the Trump victory coming. If that person couldn’t figure out the basics of what I’ve said here, then he/she is consciously deceiving you.

IMG_0810 copy 2

Addendum: I had an email conversation with a very well-known alt media figure with whom I’m in occasional touch; we’re friendly. Sent him a few paragraphs of this essay, basically making the above point (yes, there’s a catch 22 of some sort here, since I am in effect accusing him too). He came to agree about the NSA database and the PTB knowing the ‘election results’ in advance. When I pressed a bit, asking how it could be that none of the alt media (I didn’t say ‘including you’) broached this subject in their posts/videos, he wrote, ‘…they just could not grasp your point.’ The ‘they’ amounts to hundreds of people/outlets (including him), and none could put together the concepts of ‘NSA database’ and ‘election’? (How about ‘AI + election’?) Whaddam I, the smartest person on the planet? Or is something very wrong?

FYI: I’m not implying that you are stupid for not figuring out this stuff. No. See, my job these days is to think about this; you, god bless you, no doubt have a different, and less distressing, job. And as I say I’m not out to change your mind about things, how they work and so forth. I know how unlikely that is. I do this because… I just have a need to… know. And again, a part of the reason I’ve been so silent lately is because I wanted to be sure that I’m right about this subject, the alt media and its co-option.)

Regarding my silence: Sometimes I gotta step back and really ask, Is it me? I mean, I’m right about this, am I not? Whoever holds the real reigns, the PTB or whatever – and there is such an entity, right? – surely used that database as part of their power-wielding/manipulation of the election, right?

And there is no excuse that the alt media never mentioned this, right?


___bal havana skyline from 15 miles

A hint re the shape of our dear planet (off Havana in 1996).

This ran so long that I decided to break it into two parts. After that I have two other posts lined up and which only need cleaning up. For better or worse, I’m back. The reasons for my long silence will become more apparent if you hang in. Thanks to those who have showed concern and/or have continued to send monthly ‘gas money.’


A blow up, the question to FEers being, Where's the beach?

A blow up, the question to FEers being, Where’s the beach?